Send Your Short Story/Article And Win N5,000 In “Tosin Silverdam Short Story Challenge’….

Are you a writer or you have passion for writing? Stop wasting your talent… Why don’t you take this opportunity and participate in “Tosin Silverdam Short Story Challenge” and win N5,000 cash prize. <strong>How To Participate:</strong> Send in your short story or article which must not be less than 800 words to Your article […]

Must Read: Sinister Affections… Part 7

Written By Stephen Oluwafemi Henry was perplexed at the way the gunmen infiltrated the entourage. He still couldn’t Phatom how they were able to do this with little or no hinderance. How were they even able to come about overriding the computers in the car.    He could see numerous gun men pour out of […]

Must Read: The Private Party… Part 10

Written By Snake Beth found herself wedged between two strong males – both trying to fill her openings with their swelling erections. Her diminutive body was being assaulted and buffeted by the eager, forceful pumping and prodding, but she felt heavenly. Never before had she felt so sexually alive and in tune with her womanly […]

Must Read: Saints, Sinners And Stag (18+)… Part 27

Written by Stag… ‘Praaaiiiiisssseeeeee the Lord!’ yelled Mrs. Roberts as she manoeuvred herself out of the visitor’s chair in the doctor’s room. ‘Come and join me sing halleluya’ she danced, as she excitedly wriggled her waist to the song she had broken into ‘Jehovah Jireh has done me well.’ ‘Calm down, mum’ said Oyinda, trying […]

Must Read: HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And s*x Story)… Part 156

Written By Queenliz… “What?” Stephanie asks again, and I whisper the question to her. “Oh. . .” she says, worriedly, squeezing me tighter to her. “I’ll help,” Loveth says, her voice quavering, and I know she’s afraid of facing the two terrors. “No,” I deny her, but can’t miss the relieved look that crosses her […]

How To Know She Is A ‘runs Girl’ Without Meeting Her In Person

  1. Her online picture centers less on her facial beauty, she focuses more on showing to the world her feminine possession and endowment: hips, hot body, b0sso-ms etc. 2. Her profile pictures do not in anyway ‘synergies’ with the various locations as portrayed in the pictures: some of the pictures conspicuously show her in […]

Must Read: My Conquest…. Part 2

Written By Blueeyes… **********MY CONQUEST CONTND********** I came back from a trip very late and met Stanley in the flat all alone,everyone had gone for the Miss campus show,I hurriedly showered,wore a little red dress with only my panty underneath,since it was night,I asked stanley to accompany to gate(I.e where I could get a bike),just […]

Must Read: Sinister Affections… Part 6

Written By Stephen Oluwafemi…  ”I just think that emotions are a waste. They make people do stupid things” Henry was enjoying the conversation with the president. He was resting comfortably on the chair and watching everything keenly.   ”You do know that you’re displaying an emotion now son. Anger and frustration and should I say […]

Must Read: The Private Party… Part 9

Written by Snake… Oh….yessssss. . .” she hissed. “It feels so good, put it in!” The big former football player granted her wish. First he pulled out until just the head of his rod was poised at the opening, then he jerked his mighty hips forward in one smooth stroke, impaling her completely. Beth’s eyes […]

Must Read: The Cartel (18+)… Part 50

Written By Nitefury… Ps: I’ve no idea on military tactics or missions. This is just a crude attempt by me.  ***Continued*** 20:00 hours, 2nd Lt Jama and the rest of the commando team selected for the mission where at the briefing room awaiting further directives. They all had their mission gear with them in their […]

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