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Bethroted to a kevlar

      “You’re breaking my poor heart, James Timothy Kevlar.” James rolled his eyes as his mother whined through the phone. His mother, Mary kevlar was a very strong woman and her will to get him married quickly just as his siblings have done. “Mother, your heart is too strong to break.” He replied as he played with the pen in his hands. “I want you to get married James, I want grandchildren that will keep me company in old age.” “You have three grandchildren that adores you.” He grinned into the phone. “I want more grandchildren, James.” “Alright mother I’ll think about it.” “You don’t have to think about it honey, my friend Sally, her daughter penelope just finished from college and she’ll be a perfect match for you.” She explained to him with flourish. “Oh not again mom, last week it was angela from your book club. Well, I have a woman I’m dating and I’m going to propose to her tomorrow night.” He said as he laughed inaudibly. “Wow, that’s great honey, why did you now let me talk away?” He rolled his eyes and said “how is father? I hope he’s coping with all your antics?” She laughed and said “silly boy, just bring your woman to the mansion for the christmas gathering. No excuses.” “Christmas is a month away mom, I’ll bring her. Till then, say hi to dad for me. Love you.” “Love you too baby.” He hung up smiling at the phone. He sighed and got back to reading the files on his desk. The deskphone beside him rang and he picked it “yes?” “Excuse me sir, the christmas decorator is here sir.” “Send her in”. He answered and went back to reading the file infront of him. He heard the door open and said “come in, take a seat I’ll join you in a moment.” He said to the person not taking his eyes off from what he was reading. As president of the Kevlar inc the Europe division, he was filled with reports from all Europe and he isn’t complaining because he is capable of handling them all.

       Violet Lorde came into the plush office widening her eyes as she marveled on the sheer opulence and space. Her shoe-size apartment could be removed three times and it’ll still remain some space. The interior decorator who designed it would be a well known one because it showed the touch of a professional who blended the cream and black colours without them clashing. She cleared her throat and said “good morning, Mr Kevlar.” Violet saw that he only nodded but didn’t raise up his head. She frowned at the man who kept reading the file at his front even though from where she stood he looked formidable in his grey designer three piece suit and a gold watch adorned his wrist. She sat down quietly and thought about how she mustn’t lose the contract of decorating the kevlar company for christmas, she needed the money badly. She didn’t know when he stood up and sat opposite to her and jumped slightly when she heard “you’re the decorator?” She tried to calm herself and wiped her palm on her orange skirt. “Yes, Violet Lorde” she said and brought out a hand which he collected and shook gently then dropped. “I’ve gone through your samples, you do good work. You start on monday and Brenda would give you the company card so you bill all expenses on it.” Violet couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming then she smiled brightly making James to step back and take a careful look at her again. She was a redhead with grey eyes and when she smiled a dimple came out of her cheek, and she’s got the curves in the right place even her british accent is kinda cute. She’s a beautiful woman who doesn’t flaunt her beauty was what he thought. “Thank you very much mr Kevlar, I promise not to disappoint you.” She said as she tried not to jump up excitedly. “Call me James, Mr Kevlar makes me think of an old man.” He said to her as he walked her to the door. “Right, James. Goodbye.” She nodded at him and went out of the door. James went back to his chair and thought of Violet, she looks like a woman who wants the whole package which is the white picket fence with children playing in the yard and husband mowing the lawn with her bringing out the lemonades she just made….yea, she does not look like a woman who would go through a fake engagement. He stood up and walked over to look at the city through the glass. London is getting chillier and grey every minute and the people are already prepared for it with their bodies in their thick sweater and gloves in their hands. He smiled and got back to work.

To Be Continued…. 

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