10 Questions Guys Will Not Answer Ladies When In Need Of S£x


Since it is becoming more and more difficult for ladies to differentiate sincere guys from players, ladies tend to turn themselves to employers of labour by asking guys both relevant and irrelevant questions when they demand S£x in relationship. 

Without wasting time, below are the questions ladies often ask when guys demand S£x
that they will not want to answer 

1. Will You Marry Me? 

To be very frank and sincere, wanting to be sure if a guy will marry you before giving him S£x is unnecessary because at the state of konji, nearly every guy will promise heaven and earth just to find their way. It is either they avoid answering the question or they lie 

2. Do you think I’m Cheap? 

There’s no point asking a guy if you’re cheap or not since you know he will while you hype you. Be rest assured that you will always get an answer that would blow your mind. 

3. Will you Marry me if you get me Pregnant? 

Ladies should know that every smart guy will tactfully answer this question impressively in order not to limit his chances of getting to the promise land just like how Moses was denied of the promise land in the Bible . Last week, my girlfriend and I were talking about how recession has mercilessly robbed me of balanced diet when I tried to help her readjust the straps of her bra that was not properly worn. To my utmost surprise, she flared up saying she knew S£x was all what I wanted and she started interrogating me if I would deny it if I got her pregnant. I got furious by this unanswerable question and had to order her out of my room after which I opened my Bible to Proverbs chapter 25 just to calm my nerves 

4. What do you want from Me? 

This type of question is irrelevant because you can’t expect a guy to tell you point and black that all he wants from you is S£x. Even if that’s his aim, he would present himself like someone that wants a relationship that would lead to marriage just to deceive the gullible lady and devour her kitty-cat 

5. Do you Kiss and Tell? 

Ladies, I repeat, no guy will ever admit going to tell his friends that he slept with you so the earlier the better for you to stop asking this irrelevant question. A guy will always assure you he doesn’t when in fact he does that. 

6. Is this why you invited me over? 

Your eyes are not blind as you can see him attempting to bleep you so what’s the point asking him again if that’s the reason why he invited you over? 

7. Will you leave me after S£x? 

This question is usually being asked by ladies who are still being bosom-fed by their parents. To be very frank and sincere, a guy can go to the length of using ogun and oduduwa to swear that calamity and recession should befall him if he ever dumps a lady after S£x just to satisfy his joystick at that moment 

8. Must you have S£x with me? 

Whether you like it or not, every guy wants to have S£x in relationship just that some are patient to wait till wedding night while many are not. There’s no point asking a guy this question because no guy in his right of reasoning to reject S£x from a lady 

9. Is this why you have been Disturbing my life? 

It is not that he’s disturbing your life, he has only revealed his true nature as a son of Solomon. Asking such a question will only put him into a state of confusion. 

10. What do you think you’re doing? 

I find this question highly irrelevant especially when the guy is at the verge of entering the land filled with milk and honey. Why asking him what he thinks he’s doing when you know deep within yourself that he has already become a deaf man at that moment and will concentrate on what he’s doing without providing any answer

I drop my pen at this juncture 

Feel free to add yours 

Original Writer: Dr. Tosyne2much

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Updated: Oct 20, 2016 — 10:53 pm

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