1. Get a lady pregnant

2. Pee in a bottle: u definately cant except u want to mess up ur self

3. Become the president of nigeria:  na true o… Even if u visit d strongest babalawo… U belong to the kitchen and other rooms

4. Sacrifice life: do i really need to start mentioning men who died for women? Women na only gift una sabi collect

5. Grow beards under ur lips: i will fear d woman who get hair under lip

6. Grow a joystick: no comment

7. Cut her hair skin shine (gorimapa): she would be look…

8. Buy brazillian hair for a lady: show me d lady who would buy brazillian hair for a lady

9. Men can do without mirror: our ladies should have been born with mirrors

10. Enjoy forced S£x

Written by Smallville…

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