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Must Read: The Male Secretary (18+)… Part 31


A Story written by Foxy…

The sweat wey dey drip from both of our body fit create Salt Sea but na me sweat pass, like confirm Christmas goat wey dey watch as knife dey cut im fellow goat throat while waiting for im own turn. Me wey been tie my lips dey breath hard through nose come open my mouth dey pant. Na so the babe grab my head come down come start to dey kiss me and at the same time my stupid waist just dey Bleep her. I fit ask why e be say person waist go just dey move on im own accord when he penetrate toto, if he pause, the waist go enter automatic dey grind slowly… And how man carry know say im suppose move him waist up and down to Bleep toto… When I small sef, how I carry know say na so ma I suppose dey move my waist each time I jam toto?…(That na anoda story abi e dey the other thread…. INTIMATE MEMOIRS OF AN INTROVERT)…. As my waist continue to dey Bleep her (no be dey Bleep again o, na my preek and waist plan coup against me) na so ma my breath come dey labour, I come dey tire small small… See furk up!!! So in order not to mess up like that, I just close my eyes come dey imagine say I wan release. For where,release no gree come, I begin imagine say na all this female celebrities dem I dey Bleep…from Beyonce to Shakira to Jennifer Lopez to Ciara… My mind nearly go Lady Gaga sef place but na so I open eyes.. which kind mumu imagination be that sef. As I close my eyes, na Nicky Minaj plastic nyash I come dey see… O’boy!!! The whole thing no even help me sef… Idea just come my head….

I just fake say I don release..”ooohhhh…ssssss(Sucks in air deeply) ahhhhh…wusssssh (exhales)… sssss… come fall for her body, my mind just dey beat like one thousand times in one milli second. The babe come carry hand dey fundle my head come dey play with my short hair, for my mind I just dey happy say the babe don buy the story but alas my preek just Bleep me up… the idiot no wan play the game, na so e still tanda inside the girl toto waiting for the actual release. As the preek still stand, the babe just whisper put for my ear “baby, seems like your joystick is not tired o”… My eye just open, the babe just move me with her hand, na so I slip out of her come lie down for ground but my joystick just face up gidigba dey receive fresh air…(him learn am from our able….Goodlu…..una ma know na)… As I close my eyes, begin drift slowly into sleep, the next thing I just feel like say something warm and moist dey cover my joystick and na so the joystick ma dey hungrily enter. I open eyes jam the babe on top me, I don die today. The babe just begin start to dey rock me slowly, just dey move her waist up and down and with each up, my dickhead go just tickle send sensation inside me, me ma go come move small come let one small “ish” escape from my mouth. This girl definitely wan pay me back for the small stout wey she drink!!!

To Be Continued…

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Posted by on Oct 19, 2016.

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