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A Story written by OLabep (Follow on IG & Twitter: @IamOLabep
Whatsapp/Call: 07031959641/09033827551)

I personally don’t see this coming I mean The Adventure With Aunty Caro Season 3, it has been great and awesome feeling because this project rake a lot of Airing Which I was not even expecting for a debut project..

All thanks to God, My Fans And A Very big Shout out to Bro Tosin Ceo, and big shout out to everyone supporting my craft, I don’t care if you are a fan or not, God bless you r0ichly for seeing sense in thrash I came up with, I we never let you guys down.
We should have finished the story long ago but some obstacles came up but thank God we fine now. 

If you don’t Have the new edited version of season one and two you can contact me with those contacts above, be it through ma social media, email or WhatsApp to get the Pdf file..

Now leggo..

I hope you all remember the season two came to an halt in a very complicated way.
I am still not that cool with Caro because of the trick she play on me.
I do well to desist from all the girls because my exam is fast approaching and thank God for me theirs too start soonest, the only person trying to stand as a problem for me is Emeka sister she came for post utme too, her brother introduce us to each other so that we can study together I guess he is not going to have time for her, we both started sharing knowledge, solve past questions the second day she arrived she acted normal and to me she is cool because she is not crossing her boundary not until her second week,

I am already planning to round off for the night  when I notice she had already place her head on my shoulder, I thought it was unintentional till she grab my left hand that I place on my left thigh, she was robbing my hand playfully when I notice shits is almost getting to ma head I bend ma head towards hers to look into her face to decipher if truly she knows what she is doing or let me say what she is about to drag herself into, but she confirmed it, when she shut her eye immediately our eyes met, Ehhh, ‘INDWRAWA’ In Phyno’s Voice I shouted in my mind.

So konji don dey catch this babe after just one week, well no be my own you go spoil, In fact you no fit spoil my own,  I don dey here for like 3 months now, My ancestor’s head won’t let you wey wan use just 1 week use your konji spoil ma career, Well if you go fit wait till after exam, I go give you how you want am, I said all this in my mind.

We both brought back to life by a voice, and guess what its Tania, don’t even know when she has been standing before us, the real shii is she caught us.

To Be Continued…

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