Must Read: Finding Love… Part 19


Written by Lola Hikmat…

The Room went silent… It was like the world had come to an end… Stella Stood still, shocked and Surprised at the Same Time…
“How could you”she asked amidst tears

“Baby.. Ehm.. You see.. It’s not like that” Dare was lost of words. He Couldn’t find the perfect words to best explain himself..

Stella wasn’t going to wait to hear what he had to say, she turned and left for her room. Recapping all that happened moments ago in the living room and Dare’s disapproval at the news of the Pregnancy, different thoughts started rushing through are mind…

“was he for real? ”
” Does he truly Love me? ”
” Does he feel a thing for her and the marriage? ”
” was he really bittered about the pregnancy? ”

Maybe it all happened by mistake.. She finally resorted to… She felt so hurt at her self for only been concerned about the heirloom thereby making the man she loved slip away… She felt if only she had married him sincerely and for real, he wouldn’t have had the chance of having an affair with some other lady.
At that moment she blamed herself and not Dare..

Dare was not settled at all.. He kept pacing about the room hitting his fist aimlessly..

“Why did i? He thought
“why did i go this far”
“yes i wanted to make her feel bad but i never planned all this”

His mind went back to when he ran into Tiara..

Tiara had been an old friend of his, his acquaintance during his days as an undergraduate. Their love affair was great until he travelled out and they lost contact.
He ran into her weeks after his arranged marriage to Stella, he had thought he could cease the opportunity and use her to make Stella feel jealous and in competition probably that would make Stella start loving him genuinely..

“i have been so foolish”
“i have gone to far”he said regretfully

The deed is done, Tiara is Pregnant, Stella is Aware..what is he going to do now? Now he is left between the hammer and the anvil

Suddenly a thought came to his mind…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 25, 2016 — 9:43 pm

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