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Must Read: Compatibles… Part 11

A story Written by Danny Walker (08166781946)… If you missed Part Ten, read it HERE!!! Two weeks after Red’s release although Oluchi was not aware of this; Jane went into Oluchi’s office to drop a report but met Oluchi sitting on Dickson’s laps “Oluchi we have a problem” Oluchi was still laughing with Dickson then […]

Must Read: Compatibles… Part 3

A story Written by Danny Walker (08166781946)… If you missed Part One, read it HERE!!! Her iphone rang, it was Sylvester calling, a friend of the family, a young rich guy. She felt reluctant to pick the call but did “Hello, Sylvester” she said “Hello Love” “Who’s love?” “Come on sweetie” “Look Sylvester, I’m not […]

Must Read: Compatibles…

A story Written by Danny Walker (08166781946)…         If there was any word more beautiful than the word “GORGEOUS” I would be using it to describe Oluchi. One of her added beauty is her beautiful blue iris, she has this straight face & spotless skin a well structured nose (not pointed) and beautiful lips beautiful […]

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