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How To Cook Jollof Rice…

Jollof rice is another way of preparing rice. Whereby tomatoes,meat\chicken, veggies & other condiments are added to spice up the dish. It originated from the Wolof people of Senegal & Gambia. Ingredients: Ric?e, meat\chicken,?fresh tomatoes, o?nion, tomatoe puree & freshgrou?nd pepper & tomatoe,? garlic & ginger, v?egetable oil, seasoning, s?alt, thyme & curry?. Steps Involved: […]

How To Make Apple Juice…

Ingredient: (4 Large Apples – For Atleast 2 Servings), Castor Sugar. Steps Involved: Wash the apples and take out the stems. Then cut the apples into small sections and blend thorough with a blender. When it has been blended to satisfaction and all the juice is collected, filter it to produce a very smooth and […]

How To Make Banana Mousse…

Ingredients: 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 400ml evaporated milk (undiluted), 100g castor sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Steps Involved: Mash the bananas to a pulp /blend if you wish and add the lemon juice. Mix in the sugar. Fold in the whisked milk and stir in the vanilla. Pour into a transparent plastic / ice-tray of the […]

How To Cook Garden Egg Stew…

We’re starting this year with the Garden Egg Stew. Ingredients: 6 garden eggs, 500g smoked fish, 1 large onion, 2 large tomatoes, 150ml palm oil, 150ml water, pepper, seasoning and salt to taste. Steps Involved: Wash garden eggs and plunge into boiling water. Boil until tender, carefully remove the skin and reserve the liquid. Slice […]

How To Cook Brown Rice…

Brown Sauce Recipe: 15g fat, 15g flour, 250ml brown stock or water, 1 small piece carrot, 1 onion, salt and pepper. Steps Involved: prepare vegetables and slice them. Melt the fat and fry the vegetables till brown but not burnt. Add flour,cook until the roux becomes a good brown colour. Remove from heat, add liquid […]

How To Make Akara (Bean Cake)

AKARA (BEANS CAKE): A fried bean ball made from a washed, peeled beans rich in protein. Ingredient: beans(picked), onions, fresh pepper/ground dried pepper, warm water, oil (for frying), salt to taste. Steps Involved: soak beans for about 5 minutes ,wash thoroughly and peel off the skin. After that has been done,grind until smooth. Note:It shouldn’t […]

How To Cook Okro (Okra) Soup

OKRO (OKRA) SOUP. This is a soup made with fresh okro eaten by different tribes prepared also with green leafy vegetable. Ingredients: okro, iced fish (preferably mackerel/titus), red palm oil, ground crayfish, ground pepper, vegetable-pumpkin/spinach, seasoning & salt. Steps Involved: Cut or grate the okra, collect the grated okra in a plate. Wash the green […]

How To Cook Nsala Soup/White Soup

A tasty easy soup recipe usually eaten by the people in riverine areas. Ingredients: Cat fish, Raw white yam/potatoes puree, chilli pepper, ground crayfish,ogiri, seasoning & salt. Steps Involved: Cut the cat fish, clean and wash pour hot water on it then wash with cold water. Boil some white yam when soft,pound till a smooth […]

How To Cook Atama Soup

ATAMA SOUP:-Is a rich palmnut soup which the palmoil serves as a thickner spiced and flavoured with aromatic atama leaves. Ingredients:meat, “fresh, stock, cray fish”, atama leaves, seasoning, salt, palm nut, pepper and water. Steps involved-: Boil the palm nut until it’s tender, pound and squeeze out it’s oil. Meanwhile, prepare your meat and stock […]

How To Cook Gbegiri Soup….

GBEGIRI SOUP is a local yoruba delicacy made with beans. Mostly eaten in the western part of Nigeria and also appreciated by other ethnic groups and other African countries in West Africa. Ingredients: Beans, onions, palm oil, pepper, salt and seasoning. Steps involved- Soak the beans in a bowl of water for about 15-20mins, peel […]

How To Cook Ogbono Soup….

The recipe for today is called OGBONO SOUP. A Nigerian dish made with ogbono seeds. Ingredients: 1kg assorted meats (ponmo, beef, oxtail etc.), 450g ground ogbono seed, 25g ground pepper, 1 medium onion, 225g ground crayfish, smoked fish, 290ml palm oil, 2 and half/3pint of stock, 25g iru (if prefered), green vegetable, seasoning and salt. […]

How To Make Soya Milk Drink

? Am so happy and thanks for liking my page, the drink recipe am giving out today is called SOYA MILK DRINK Ingredients: soya beans 1cup, water. Steps involved: clean the soya beans under running water. Remove the debris or damaged beans. Soak the beans overnight in a clean bowl covered for at least 24hours. […]

How To Cook Oha Soup

The soup am giving out it’s recipe today is OHA SOUP. Is a traditional soup cooked with ora leaves. INGREDIENTS:-Green ora leaves, palm oil, assorted meat (beef, shaki etc), assorted fish (stock, cray & dry fish), cocoyam-(8 corms), chili pepper, seasoning & salt. Steps involved: Prepare your ingredients by grinding the crayfish and pepper put […]

How To Cook Edikang Ikong Soup

Edikang ikong soup Is an african soup, mostly prepared during important occassions. Ingredients:- assorted meats (beef, oxtail, ponmo, tripe, bokoto etc), 4 big snails (washed with alum, lemon & lime), stockfish (pre-soaked), (throughly washed) ,periwinkles, prawns (both washed & cleaned), ground crayfish,1medium onion, fresh pumpkin leaves [ugwu], fresh water leaf (both washed & shredded), palm […]

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