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7 Sure Fire Ways Of Getting Your Ex-boyfriend Back. Ladies Only!!!

?Sometimes, we think a break up is the best thing after bread and butter when things go south in a relationship. Emotions are boiling, swords are...


10 Reasons Why Most Ladies Will Never Remain Virgins Till Marriage

?Having sex for the time is rarely romantic, pleasant or sexy yet it’s an awkward experience that nearly every lady craves.  Without was...


10 Types Of Virgins We Have In Nigeria

?No matter how ladies pretend about hating s*x, they fantacize about it, they wait for it; and lookfor it because all humans are born with pr...


10 Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Person.

? Have you been with someone before and you ask your self "what the hell was I thinking!!"..... Don't worry much your not the first....but...


Top 5 Ways To Impress Women

I just pray that those crappy guys with the "go and get money and they will come to you mentality will stop putting everybody in their shoes....


6 Signs A Lady Want To Sleep With You When She Comes Visiting

Guys are not only guilty about this, sometimes we ladies really feel the urge to be alone and get down with someone we have a crush on. OK en...


10 Unbearable Ways Broke Guys Normally Treat Their Women

Most ladies, if not all, will sneer fulsomely at the thought of going out with a broke guy not because it's the dream of every girl to date a...


15 Ways To Know If You’re Not Ready For Marriage

(1). If you believe that you must always have the last say in an argument,you are not ready for marriage. (2). If you don't like anyone inva...

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