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Must Read: Kumalo… Part 10

OFF CAMPUS-BEER PARLOUR Members of the Egbesu cult met for a round table discussion at Brifina Guest house along Abakaliki road close to IMT campus 2. Assorted hot drinks and different brands of cigarette were displayed on the tables. As they discuss, they exhaled thick smoke into the atmosphere to further deplete the earth’s ozone […]

Must Read: Kumalo… Part 9

UGUAJI FOREST-MID NIGHT Initiation ceremony; members of the hawks confraternity are dancing around a burn fire on a cleared platform in the middle of the forest, they are surrounded by tress and shrubs and below the elevated plateau is a running stream. The stream must be crossed before accessing the plateau upon which is the […]

Must Read: Kumalo… Part 8

STATE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT HQ ENUGU  Detectives Peter and Sandra were in the office of former ASP now SP Sunday Onche. He finally got his promotion after proving to the Police that he is mentally stable and physically competent to carry on with the police job for his mates have been Superintendents three years before now, […]

Must Read: Kumalo… Part 7

UNIVERSIT Y OF NIGERIA TEACHING HOSPITAL ENUGU Detectives Peter and Sandra entered the building; they went to the receptionist desk and flashed their badges before making enquiries. They were directed to the office of the Chief Consultant. The Chief consultant is a bespectacled old Lady in her sixties. Her face has multiple colours as a […]

Must Read: Kumalo… Part 6

CAMPUS 3 NKUTU-UME The relaxation spot of the school’s second campus located at Independence layout Enugu. About thirty shops built in a U shape with a large field at the centre for parking. Each shop sells beverages, snacks and stationery and are always filled up with students. Only non alcoholic beverages were allowed by the […]

Must Read: Kumalo… Part 3

STATE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT HQENUGU: Assistant superintendent of police Sunday Onche was addressing a group of six under cover police men that works in the three major campuses of the higher institutions in the capital city. There has been a red alert! It came in about 1.00AM this morning. A student of IMT was killed […]


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