How To Blog With Your Blackberry Phone (I’m Currently Using My Curve 2)

This is so true and so easy, you can blog on the go. You don’t need to wait for your laptop or android phone before you can blog. As a matter of fact, i’ve been using my abandoned Blackberry curve 2 to blog for almost 6 months now, ever since my Tablet got damaged. I had to abandon my laptop, i don’t even remember the last time i opened my laptop. I’m actually Unclad on my bed writing, blogging and updating this article.

Blogging with my Blackberry has been the best thing to ever happen to me, its so easy for me, i spend less, i reduced my subscription cost. With Just N1000 MTN blackberry subscription, i will be able to blog for good six weeks, blogging on the go. I dare not do that with my laptop or Android phone, cos i remember i was spending nothing less than N3000 every month just to blog with my Laptop or android, sometimes it doesn’t even reach 1 month, it can be frustrating. Thank God, i found my rejected blackberry Curve 2, my expenses has been reduced drastically.

Enough of my sermon, now let me show you how you can also blog with your blackberry phone. First of all, you will need to set up a blog/website, either the free one or paid one. I’m using the paid one, i pay less than N10,000 yearly for my blog. To get the free one visit to register for your free blog and for the paid one, you will need to meet and contact Web designers in Naija, i have my personal web designer, you can reach me if you want his contact. I will advice to go for the paid one, if you want to earn money from your blog like me but if you just want to blog for fun, then get the free one. If you go for the free one, your website will be like, but if you go for the paid one it will be:

After setting up your blog/website, then head over to Blackberry appworld search and download ‘WordPress For Blackberry’ application. That is just it, after downloading the application, open the app on your phone.

You can register/start a free blog with the application as well, just click on ”Start a new blog at”. If you’ve already opened or register a free blog before, just click on ”Add blog hosted at” But if you’re using the paid one like mine, just click on ‘Add self-hosted WordPress blog’. After doing this, your blog/website will come alive….

To post/update to your blog, click on ‘New Post’.Enter the title of your post.

To add photo, Click on ‘Media’, then add your photo/Images.

To add Categories, click on Categories, then choose the category you want.

To Add your content, scroll down to ”Post Content”, then write what your article or write ups.

To Publish your content, after you’ve finished adding your title, categories, media and your write-ups, press on the menu bar and click on ‘Publish’. Within 2 seconds your post will be published and it will updated immediately on your website.

Isn’t that so cool? There are so many other things you can actually do with it, the more you use it, the more you learn more about it flexibility. There is more about this app but this is the little i can give so as not to scatter your brain, just keep using it and you will discover more about it. Too bad this is only for wordpress and not blogspot.

If you wanna know more or ask questions, just reach out to me via my contacts details, i’m willing to help.

Take care!!!

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