How To Cook Okro (Okra) Soup


OKRO (OKRA) SOUP. This is a soup made with fresh okro eaten by different tribes prepared also with green leafy vegetable.

Ingredients: okro, iced fish (preferably mackerel/titus), red palm oil, ground crayfish, ground pepper, vegetable-pumpkin/spinach, seasoning & salt.

Steps Involved: Cut or grate the okra, collect the grated okra in a plate. Wash the green vegetable and cut. Wash, cut and boil the iced fish add some salt and seasoning if preferred after boiling take the fish out of the stock. Leave to cool and debone.

Add red palm oil into a clean dry pot heat till it has dissolved add the okra and stir fry on medium heat, add the stock or water little at a time stir till the okra starts to draw. It should take about 5mins.

Note: Remember okra too is also a veg. so don’t over cook. Now add the ground pepper & crayfish add the deboned fish & the green vegetable leaves add salt if necessary and stir properly cover the pot and allow it simmer for about 5-8mins. The okro soup is ready serve with any preferred cereal meal.

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