I have tried this method before and it worked perfectly for me. I used to battke with stubborn pimples on my face and i have tried all kinds of cream, including ‘Skineal’. Those creams actually worked, it got rid of the pimples but immediately i stopped using the cream or the cream has been exhausted, the pimples will come back again with full force. It was crazy but thank God a friend introduced this method to me and it worked well. Even after i stopped using the shea butter and palm oil, the pimples didn’t come back in multiple folds like when i stopped using ‘Skineal’. The pimples reduced drastically.

How To Use It
1. First of all wash your face

2. Get a little portion of shea butter, more like a finger tip portion, get your palm oil, what you need is the lighter part of the palm oil and not the thick part. Pour a small content of the palm oil on palm of your hand and mix it with shea butter, mix it throughly, then apply it on your face for few hours.

3. This is advisable to be done in the evening before you go to bed. You should wash it off with warm water and soap before you sleep so as not to stain your bed spread or pillow with the palm oil.

4. Do this everyday for a week or two and you will definitely notice a change, your face becomes smooth and free of embarrassing pimples.

5. Believe me.

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