How To Loose Weight With Fresh Aloe Vera And Honey (Alov Vera-Honey Juice)

So many people are having difficulties on how to shed some weight in an easy way. Not everyone want to exercise or do any tedious workout just to loose some weight, also not everyone has the luxury to buy expensive weight loss drugs or go for a surgery. If you’re looking for a cheaper and easy way to loose some weight, then you’re lucky to be reading this article. I’ve actually tried this method and it worked perfectly well for me, all you just need is a fresh aloe vera and pure honey.

As you all know that, Aloe vera is highly medicinal and it is good for the body and the skin as well, likewise honey is also medicinal and good for the body. Using both them together works perfectly well. So now, let me show how to make a fresh Aloe Vera-Honey Juice.

1. The first thing you need is to get a fresh aloe vera, wash it very well, cut off the edges, then slice it into pieces.

2. Get your electric blender, rinse it very well, then put the sliced aloe vera in the blender, add clean but little water. Blend the aloe vera very well, blend at least 3 times.

3. After blending, get a good seiver, pour the blended aloe vera into the seiver and seive it very well, the reason for seiving is because of particles, it is very important you seive it.

4. Once you’re done seiving it, get a very warm water, add it to the blended and seived aloe vera, mix it and make sure it is warm.

5. Get your honey, pour your honey inside the blended and seived aloe vera, you can pour as many as you want. Mix it together, mix it very well with a spoon and drink it. One of the reason for adding the honey is to kill the bitter taste of Aloe vera, although no matter the quantity of honey you put, it will still be a little bit bitter but still favourable.

You can do this process everyday, but if you don’t have time to do it everyday or the busy type, or probably you’ve got a busy schedule, you can make more, pour and reserve it in a bottle, then refrigerate it or preserve it a cool, dry place .

When To Use It: I’ll advice you to use it before you eat in the morning, but for those who go to the office, school or going for any outing it is preferably you use it in the evening after dinner cos you will experience a little frequent visit to the toilet. Toilet as to be your friend during this period, although not the extreme toilet visitation…

Fresh Aloe Vera-Honey Juice will wash away the dirt in you, clear your heavy tummy, make you light instead of being heavy and it will also regulate your eating, your bad eating habit will be reduced, i mean if your eating 10 loaves of bread before, after taking the juice, it would make you eat less than 10 loaves.

Using this fresh Aloe Vera juice does not mean you should experience miracle overnight, its a gradual process, you should experience some changes in 6 weeks or there about, to make it faster, you can start taking fresh fruits as well during this period, you will surely see a quick change if you can do this. Just make sure you drink it everyday, don’t miss a day if you’re determined. Everything in this life is about determination, you can achieve your goal if you’re determined.

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Updated: Jul 22, 2015 — 9:09 pm

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  1. I’ll give it a try but d tin is I dnt hav an electric blender can I use d manual one?

    1. You can try it, if it would blend it smooth.

  2. Thankx… I alredi started usin it tho jux few days ago. I’ll update on my body changes as soon as I start seeing any.

    Pls update more on health issh..

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