How To Use Raw Egg To Know If Your Daughter, Sister Or Girlfriend Is Still A Virgin.

Yes, we can actually use this simple method to find out if she’s still a virgin. This method has been in existence for a very long time and it worked perfectly. I’ve seen so many used this method to know if she’s still a virgin, especially some mothers do use this method very well. I’ve even witnessed one myself, its so simple and easy to do. You don’t need to visit a doctor to find out if she’s still virgin, guys you don’t need to wait till wedding night to find out if your girlfriend is truly a virgin. Cos so many girls lie a lot about their virginity, ‘i’m still a virgin’. If she say so, don’t believe her yet, just use this method to know if your girlfriend is trustworthy, don’t just wait in vain.

What you need to do is get a raw and uncooked egg, its not expensive. Although, some prefer to visit a doctor to run a test but some doctors are not trustworthy, doctors can be easily bribed to lie and give false report. So, i will advice to follow these steps, if you’re willing to find out if she’s still a virgin.

1. Get or buy a raw and uncooked egg, please make sure its a clean egg okay.

2. Get a private room, cos this has to be done quitely.

3. Get your daughter, sister or girlfriend into the the private room, please don’t force her to do this, if she’s your girlfriend or sister, ask her politely, make sure she agrees to do this, but if she’s your daughter, please force her, command her to do it.

4. Instruct her to pull off her trouser and pant, make her lie on the bed.

5. Spread her legs and get your raw egg.

6. Position her Kittycat, hold the egg and insert it slowly into her Kittycat, insert it slowly please.

7. When inserting it, if she’s truly a virgin, you will find it very dificult to insert, it won’t go in freely, it would be so difficult, the girl would even make sound or noise of sharp pains. The egg won’t even enter if she’s a virgin.

8. But if the egg enters freely and deeply, damn! She’s no longer a virgin, she’s as wide as Atlantic ocean. If the egg went inside so easily, she’s not a virgin, she won’t even feel any sharp pain cos she’s so free below.

It is as simple as ABC, its not so hard to do. This can hard for a guy to test on his girlfriend cos she would find it barbaric, but if your girlfriend is honest and genuine she will allow you to have the test on her. This test must not be done by you if you’re the pervert and loose type of a guy, it has to be done by another person who is a girl or a woman.

If you’re a lady and if you want to prove your honesty to your boyfriend, just allow him to run the test on you but tell him, it must done by a lady/woman. Don’t allow him do it himself, don’t you even dare, some guys are dog and tricky . Please!!!

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Updated: Oct 28, 2016 — 9:02 pm

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  1. How ladies have a tight Kittycat dat if though dey hv S£x everyday d egg ll nt enter

  2. dat method cant work

  3. i cnt even think of trying it

  4. If I hear….show me picture or idontbilivit

  5. This is rubbish…Tosinsilverdam, how on earth will u post this kind of article…this act can break the virginity you want the girl to kip…

  6. You are a total irresponsible peace of ignorant Shtt! How dare you post something so stupid as that.Why don’t you grab a shove it down your throat to prove us you are not a lying Joystick sucker!!?

  7. You are a total irresponsible peace of ignorant Sh*t! How dare you post something so stupid as that!?.Why don’t you grab a bat and shove it down your throat to prove us you are not a lying Joystick sucker!!?

  8. this is absolutely rubbish…wat if d girl loose her virginity while inserting d egg……u must be a pervert jerk….mtcheew

  9. girls can you lay yourself down and let us insert egg into you???? gosh!!! that’s the most disgusting thing have ever seen….it is not different from fingering..

  10. Guys, dont worry urselves about this. He is just catching ur attention to his so called blog.he is ignorant about whatever he is saying. Educated illiterate. Huh

  11. I have no idea how I got here. All I know is… the article, and everyone that commented on it (including a “doctor”) have horrible grammar. I’m guessing Indian? Someone let me know. Also about the article, that’s insane! And who cares enough to even do something like that? I’d prefer mine were not a virgin, and at this age they aren’t. Rather have fun fun fun than some sort of emotional bonding/life long commitment thing.

  12. I wonder, how do you get it out after that? Although grisly speaking, she has to be drilled with a big drilling machine for it to be that loose for an egg to enter. Even prostitutes have really tight p….

  13. na wa o,no b only egg…use stick

  14. Why women or girls every time? Can’t male counterpart be tested. If like use a piece of block on them. Hopeless man with hopeless post. A dog like you looking for whom to devour. Can you subject your own daughter or girl friend to such a wicked test using a egg ? Women it is high time you respect yourselves and resist some barbaric acts against you.

  15. Really…. This is so so insane and absurd,
    How on earth could u post an article so stupid
    Like this… Dear sir, u really need sense. Hun

  16. Your massive disrespect of women is disgusting. Fork offffff

  17. Stop bullshiting you brainwashed feminist slug & slaves, go home to your women and get whiped all night long you good doggy dogs… Nice post man , respect to feminist women, disrespect to slugish slaves feminist Buttocks licker males

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