Must Read: 3 Days In Ogbele Forest… Part 11

A Story written by Ncee Cletus (Call/Whatsapp 09038167880)… If you missed part Ten yesterday read it HERE!!!

these Ogbele forest was where Joshua and James were taken to, they have spent 2 days without food and water in the evil forest they have seen things more than hell different kinds of demons have been tormenting them each with its own style, at night they never sleep they kept crying and sobbing. After the second day James cried unto God “oh host of heaven why have you forsaken us, why did you allow temptation beyond us to come to our ways why not show us a little out of your abundant mercies.

Joshua was touched by James statement and he sobs
fear not for the mind of God is beyond the thought of man remember our SU chorus
If all were easy……….
If all were bright……………
Where will the cross be…………..
Where will the fight be…………..
But in the hard days………..
God give to us….
Chances of proving…
what he can do………….
Let us depend on God, Shedrack, Mishack and Abednego said we know our God will save us but if he did not bear it in mind that we shall never bow down to your gods even if we die here it is to the glory of the Lord, but for the mission still untouched he will save us.
Joshua if the Lord wants to save us when will he do it? Is it when we are dead, we have not eaten for two days now and you are here talking like one the angels defending God,

James we must practice what we teach others we should endure hardship and wait unto God.

As there were conservating one of the marine cultist that had been listening to them brought out their food and invoke powers upon it, as she present the food James Rushed it but Joshua held him back, when the cultist left the bamboo prison. The prison was made of bamboo but surrounded and guarded by snakes, scorpion, crocodile and different kinds of horroful creature.

James was struggling the food with Joshua; this could be poison of course you know how terrible and deadly this cultist are,

that one is your business all I know is that am hungry so I better eat poison and die than die in starvation when I get the land of the dead I will be satisfy than coming back on earth to disturb people’s peace because I was hungry.

Just imagine what Christian like you is saying, anyway you only eat that food because everything the Lord created was for the glorification of his name but you have to cover it with the blood of Jesus.

You can say anything for all I care am hungry and must eat this food before “Ihe nwammadu agho ihe nwammuo” James grab the food but Joshua held him back again I know that you are hungry but pray first
James rushed the prayer and bounce on the food Joshua refuse to eat the food but James ate like a hungry dog jumping on fresh faeces.

On Sunday night the devil arrived from his trip to India he came back in anger he has seen what happened from his throne in India
urgent meeting was summoned, I am not happy with any of you for flawing my orders fools you are but I must show you some part of my anger

They were all silent.
The devil opens his mouth and fire appeared he tormented his agents without mercy though they were screaming as if there were in hell already. As they scream the devil smiled as if it is only their screaming that gives him joy, after 50minutes the devil release them they were all shivering like small rat that fell into a basin of cold water during the harmatan season.

I will be leaving to America tomorrow for a meeting with my workers there you will pay for your sins if you fail to provide Evelyn within 96 hours James and Joshua their blood must flow on this alter before 10:00am today nothing less than this is acceptable have I made myself clear

Yes sir chorused the agents
idiots get out of my sights.

It is Monday morning James and Joshua has been missing for three days now the news of their disappearance had reached their parents through the school magazine and text link, the story was on standard sun newspaper, the kings magazine, the eyes and truth newspaper. Mr. Ike Kwere arrived at the school and confirmed the missing of his boy James Ike Kwere, he was mad with the management he gave Mr. principal dirty slap when he tries to assure him that all will be right.

Mrs. Ike Kwere and madam Joy were weeping as though they were in weeping competition, madam Joy grab the principal on his cloth bring my son else you will kill me you have less than 12hours to provide my son else I will make you and your entire family live a miserable life you think I didn’t know you planned the kidnap to collect money from me but I promised you it wasn’t a good idea

James we shall be leaving here before 10:00am
How do you know?
Because someone in me told me

did tell you how we are going to pass all this wicked creature.
What’s wrong with you James
Nothing I am just saying we should not play with those securities there
but you still remember that nothing is impossible for God.
Of course I know
But why are you acting as if you don’t know
Am sorry but can we go now not yet time others will join us within some minute now so we have to exercise patience
The principal was just watching Mr. Ike Kwere 100m off with his jeep when the proprietor drove into the school, the principal was shocked to see the proprietor
good morning sir greeted the principal, lets see in your office

the principal and the proprietor were still exchanging greeting before the securities from state CID arrived,
good morning gentlemen greeted Mr. Ojo showing his arrest warrant and identification card

Mr. Ojo signaled the principal to move with them to the station

wait a minute I will go with you instead said Barr Anthony the proprietor
no way you can’t go with us sir you can only report to our station if necessary

if you make the next step forward you are a dead man, barked a strange being with six heads as he appeared in their midst the case had be forbidden and you ventured into it now you will spend the last of your days in a forbidden land
don’t pleaded Mr. Ojo the head started separating from the strange being the first head was a dog with human head while the second was a dwarf with cat head the third head was a mighty crocodile the fourth and fifth were dwarfs the two company from the queen of coast

The securities agents, the principal and proprietor were terrify by what they saw the strange being held their hands together and turned their former form one being with many heads, they pleaded with the strange being to show them mercy but the strange being commanded a smoke that blow all of them out of the house they were taken to the cell where James and Joshua were kept in the evil forest.

The heads separated again from the strange being the dog change to Jack, the dwarf with cat head turned to Jimmy others were Rita, Nancy and Patience we shall return to the queen now the ball is at your cot play well chorused Rita, Nancy and patience
Jack and Jimmy proceed to make preparation for the sacrifice that will take place in next 22minutes they brought a bowl which they intend to fill with the blood of their captive.

How long have you been here and how did you get here asked the principal.
I got here the same way you came answered Joshua
We have been here throughout the days you notice our missing answered James frowning his face.
Is this how I am going to end?
Why did I joined this force who will take care of my children cried Mr. Ojo.
Oga na dat one u dey talk u no see those things aside if they come here we never finish answered one of the officers.
Don’t worry let me browse the location where we are and I will call the emergency line to help us out said the proprietor.
One the crocodile appeared inside the cell give me the phone you dey craze na Ogbele forest wey you dey, nobody wey enter this forest fit commot u don die be dat said the crocodile

Hey my family ooo shouted one of the officers
This no time for tears nor blaming somebody just arise lets go, in unity the people of Isreal defeated the people of Jericho by blowing the trumpet
James became posses by the spirit of the God he shouted in a loud voice stand up all of you marching like a soldier shall we take the liberation of the students by force
all the students tormented by the spirit of darkness shall taste the freedom from the Lord for the sake of this journey thus said the Lord of host

Oh heaven is open and saw the commander in chief all forces of the universe saying in a loud voice behold the hour is at hand for my humble servant is about to fulfill his destiny as James was still prophesying an angel of the most highest God appeared his cloth was shinning like gold and face bear the glory of the living God he has two wings with a sword in his hand the people were afraid but he call on them

arise and go eat nothing in this forest if any of you taste anytime here that is capable of contaminating him.

This book will help in you in all danger he handed the book to Joshua and disappeared the prison opened and a road appeared which they pass through they ran as fast as their leg can sustain until the road disappeared and they found themselves in the forest they continue running without resting,

the agents of darkness were prepared for the sacrifice go and get them is time for the sacrifice said Jimmy,
Jack and Nancy went to bring them they were marveled by what they saw
they are missing said Nancy as they run back to Jimmy
do you know the implication of what you are saying we must find them they will be within the forest remember nobody knows the rout out of this forest except the brotherhood said Jimmy.

I still wonder how they made their way out of the prison said Jack
maybe a strange power helped them said Nancy,
shut up no power is greater than the brotherhood Jimmy brought a mirror and invoke them they look at the mirror and saw them running in the forest Joshua and his people had been running for almost an hour.

Oga I don tire person i no fit run again i wan rest said of the officers,
oga na you cause dis thing you see say nobody dey come dis school you come carry us put for this kind wahala said the second officer
oga na true him dey talk ooo
keep the blame save, let’s get out of here first.

Ha ha ha ha appeared the five maidens of the earth goddess.
You think you can escape? That is a foolish thought

Joshua brought the book of wisdom and read thus.
‘Even though I walked though the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for the lord is with me’
instant the agents disappeared and they continue their journey.
Now, they can came to a small stream which they have to cross to set to another side of the forest.

Who is sure we are following the right place asked Mr Principal.

I wonder how you could allow this little rat to continue deceiving men with grey hair like you said one of the agents Victoria that appeared inside the water
at least i will be merciful I will show you the way out of this God forsaken forest
maybe she want to help us said Mr. Ojo.

I go meet am, I wan commot here said of the officers
Joshua opened the book of wisdom and he read thus, my people perish for lack of knowledge.
The demon disappeared
Oooo Joshua what is wrong with you while did you cast her with that your evil book said Mr. Principal
don’t you have eyes to see that she want to help us said Mr. Ojo.
Leave am he wan kill us for dis forest but e no go work for am said of the officers.
Am not sure I will follow you and your magic again said the proprietor

How long have we been here and your magic cannot get us out asked Mr. Principal?
Ask him evil boy you wanted to use us for your ritual but thunder will fire you said Mr. Ojo.
You can say whatever you wish against us people of little faith said James,
if you are talking to us in that manner if I slap you, you will forget the date you were born said Mr. Principal

What are we still waiting for let’s leave him to toil day and night here am out to find my way said Mr. Ojo;
they left James and Joshua to their own direction.
Come back am warning you the forest is evil we are just protected by the power in this book said Joshua.

The forest is not evil you are the one that is evil said Mr. Ojo

Joshua don’t go wait for me said the proprietor and one the officers

Follow him and meet your doom said Mr. Principal

There is a way that seems right unto a man but the end leads to destruction am warning for the last time said Joshua.

You think you can deceive everybody with your magic, cultist!

Don’t be deceive for whatsoever a man sowed that shall he reap

The battle is becoming strong said Jack to Jimmy

I believe that the book with Joshua is making the battle tough that book seem to poses a mysterious power said Nancy

Jack nodded in acceptance the fire in that book is unbearable in that case we shall prepare for war, we shall take the book of revelation and earth mysterious in the inner chamber of the grandmaster to contend with their book of wisdom then we shall return to the river to drink blood of the young virgin in the inner court of the queen of coast for fortification and protection against the battle ahead, after that we shall alert all the five maidens of the earth goddess, the three angels of frustration to delay them in the forest because to are about to see rout of escape we shall also invite the tormenting witches of amagedoen to attack those once at the school all must be done within fifteen minutes to prevent those in the forest from escaping, the darkness angel of frustration will go with the book of revelation and mysterious to content with the powerful book we must not lose this battle, if we does everything we have labored for will be in vain.

The principal and his group were now tired
Where did you think we are going to asked Mr. Ojo
I am very sure that question is not for me replied Mr. Principal.
You suggested we leave Joshua and you are here uttering nonsense
mind your tongue Mr. Ojo or whatever they call you.
The three angels of frustration appeared to them dancing a melodious song
Okuko nti ike e
Na anu ihe na ite ofe (4x)
Kpata m kpa koro
Kpa a okoro kpa koro kpa (4x)

As the maidens were busy dancing their song without uttering a word, they started running like a he goat without destination they stop at a mango tree inside the forest

They settle down
Oga uno see wetin una don do me I for follow dat boy
As they were sitting under the tree they find out that it has some ripe mangoes
Mr. Ojo climb the tree and plucked some mangoes they licked the mangoes as they were very hungry but they have forgotten that the angel warned them against eating anything from forest, while the fruit was still in their mouth the maidens appeared and killed them.

Joshua and his group have been in forest for two hours now how long are we going to stay here asked James?
As long as it pleases the almighty merciful God.
Now an angel of the Lord appeared before the bodies of Mr. Principal the raise his staffs and light shun over the bodies and the spirit of God enter them and make them alive, they were trembling at the glory of the angel
for the sake of my humble servant Joshua your life have been restored but next time learn to be obedient I will lead you to them follow me, they followed angel.

As Joshua and his group approach they saw main road they were full of Joy but it didn’t last as the entire demon at forest surrounded them, they were eight demons five maidens of the earth goddess and three angel of frustration.
Daniela the most noble of all the demons brought out their book of mysterious and she read
“all have sin and fall short of the glory of God, she handed the book to the
Second demons “anyone that sin is of the devil
Third demon “and the Lord didn’t found even one righteous man
Forth demon “the evil that men do must live with them
Fifth demon “the sin of the father will be upon their children
Sixth demon “anyone that sinneth is of the devil for the devil sinneth from the beginning.
Seventh demon “no sinner will go unpunished
Eight demon “any soul that sinned will die.
After their reading a strange power carried them up they were screaming aloud, the angel met them with Mr. Principal and his group he commanded the wind to drop them and cast the demons never to return.
The angel commanded the wind to blow violently and the wind carried Joshua and his men to the school gate they were very happy to see each other once again the angel appeared to Joshua he said
my humble servant whose deed appease the Lord today you have fulfilled your destiny and the blessing of the Lord shall see you throughout the days of your life to help you in your weakness and to prosper everything you lay your hands

To the people he said hold onto your faith to the end of time he struck the gate with his staff and it opened.
It was 1:36pm Monday afternoon when they set foots into the school.

Students were fasting and praying for God’s mercy when they entered the school.

The school was full of jubilation as they approach.
All the agents of the devil operating within that school ran to then for deliverance because they feared the devil will devour then when he returns.

They were all delivered that was how the devil lost his position in that school.

The glory of God remain in that school till date as a result of SU organization.

The lord prospered the school.
The proprietor sponsored James and Joshua to university level even to their PHD in London.
That was all i know about Joshua uwabunkeonye said sophie’s father.

Dad the story is guite enjoying

Thank you so much.


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