Must Read: 3 Days In Ogbele Forest… Part 4

A Story written by Ncee Cletus (Call/Whatsapp 09038167880)… If you missed part Two yesterday read it HERE!!!

Later in the evening Joshua and James went to the school management to obtain permission from the management to conduct the next moral instruction in the school they had prayed together before going to see the management.

“It is written that the heart of a king is like a string in the hands of the Lord” I believe the Lord will show forth his power said Joshua.

Don’t worry it is written that it is not of him that willet nor of him that runneth but of God that showeth mercy so no doubt that the will of God will prevail.

After a short deliberation they left to see the management everything worked out as they had planned

The management was glad to hear their request
With their first step they were assured of the present of God.
Opportunity comes but once and we have to utilize these one very well to avoid stories that touches the heart said Joshua jokefuly

You know what we are going to embark on the journey of the fittest this three days fasting will be difficult.
If it is difficult then we face it as difficulty something.
During this fasting you are only allowed to answered any necessary question and greet your senior, teachers except this you are to remain speechless for these three days

You have to spend most of your time with the word of God mind you, you ought to pray silently in the hostel to avoid disturbing others, you can as well weep silently to God due to the burden in your heart explained Joshua

I understand though it is painful but I am strengthen by the word of God, Mordancies said to Esther “if you keep silent at this time relief and deliverance shall arise for Jews from elsewhere, but you and your house will perish and who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and for this very occasion”.

When is the general fasting for the SU holding?
After our own on Sunday, we shall then make arrangement for the SU fasting to hold from Monday to Wednesday then the following day Thursday will be the day of the Lord for Merit school.

Joshua and James had successfully completed their three days fasting they look emaciated as if they have not eaten for two weeks notwithstanding they ignored their structure and advance for another half day fasting with the SU members
When the fasting took off Evelyn and Tony one of the marine cultist become spiritually uncomfortable

Though they were fasting to avoid being suspected as one of the root of problem but they have a different theme for their own fasting there were fasting for more demonic power to hinder the prayer,

As the clock ticks all the marine students become more worried.
We have to summon an urgent meeting to squarely manage our time before it manages us said Evelyn.

That is exactly what we have to do because a little sleep, a little slumber and a little folding of hands bring about destruction.
At midnight a dog started barking strangely the marine cultist understood that it was a sign of urgent meeting. Others students that were awake were frightened at the strange barking of the dog.

The meeting started 12:45am Cynthia addressed their members
We are aware that this gathering today is very urgent I am also assured that you have learnt of the harm the so-called SU are about causing to our great dukedom,
The floor was as silent as grave yard.

Cynthia continued we have summon this meeting to bring heads together and plan how to stop this fellowship from further attack
So many suggestions were addressed but the one that receive more votes were suggested by Linda (the daughter of the mother of fashion)
Either Evelyn or Tony is to take a demonic groundnut to the fellowship tomorrow after the fellowship the groundnut should be distributed to everybody present during the prayer.

I guess everybody that fasted will be hungry and will even drag the groundnut which is meant to weaken anybody that take it and cause disagreement among them. Anyone appointed to take the groundnut should be very careful with it and make sure he / she didn’t present it when the fellowship is still on so that they will not pray over it

You should just target when they are just going out then you will stand to share it with a message ‘there is love in sharing’ persuade everybody to take the groundnut kneel down and feel lightly offended when someone refuses it so that the person will feel guilty and take it, make sure you don’t look suspicious go with the name of Lord don’t let them pray over it, don’t let anyone know you are with any groundnut until the fellowship is over.

The suggestion was embraced by all but there was yet another suggestion by jack, I think we should sprint blood on their prayer place to weaken anyone that will come to the fellowship and as well cause confusion among them even those that didn’t take groundnut will be affected in this case
That is not advisable replied Mara because it will create awareness to those fools beside many of them are vibrant in spirit and can make out a stumbling block if any chance is granted to them.

Mara is right said Cynthia if use physical weapon we may have more hindrance but if we should use spiritual powers at high place victory is sure they finally take Linda suggestion their newly recruited member
Evelyn was assign to take the assignment and ensure proper delivery.
\ Early in the morning about 4:30am Joshua was sleeping the spirit of Lord touched him, Joshua the humble servant whose deed pleases the Lord of Host, the commander in-chief armed forces of the universe with you turn to your right side Joshua recognize the voice of the angel that saved him in his dream and obeyed him, as he turn he was taken to a far desert where the angel showed him the plan of the cultist
He nodded as they concluded
“If thou art willing the Lord is thy strength” announce the angel
Joshua kept wondering how to stop the agents
The voice keeps active in his brain “if thou art willing”
Joshua woke up and become upset, many things ran through his mind “the lord is thy strength”

Am ready for this battle even if it will cost my life I must do the word of him that sent me now that there is light for night cometh when no one shall work I will start the war because it far better to die a brave Christian and heaven will jubilate over me than to be a living reproach to Christendom


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