Must Read: 3 Days In Ogbele Forest… Part 5

A Story written by Ncee Cletus (Call/Whatsapp 09038167880)… If you missed part Four yesterday read it HERE!!!

During the fellowship Ebube preacher urge the people to be vibrant in spirit “don’t be ignorant of the devices of the enemy, remember one of us has been struck with madness there at the street and we have not done much about it”.

We can’t continue folding our hands and watch things go wrong because tomorrow maybe too late and who knows the next victim we have to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice such that is acceptable unto God
He rounded the sermon and it was almost time for dismissal, she ask people that came with edible things that they wishes to share among brethren to bring it forward so that they can bless it.

What does that suppose to mean asked Susana (one of the newly recruit cultist) are you suspecting one of us is a member of the marine cultist

No you are very far from what he meant as children of God we should learn to presence everything we have in the presence of God as thanksgiving especially at a gathering like these which our Lord Jesus was a practical example when he gathered loaves and fishes give thanks to God and ordered his disciple to share it to the multitude.
Defended Chidimma

Many people that brought fruits, foods and snacks forwarded it but Evelyn didn’t show up.

Evelyn have you forgotten that you came with groundnut maybe you want to eat alone but I caught you said Joshua in a playful expression
Everybody laughed but didn’t understand what just transpire between Joshua and Evelyn
Nawa o for you Joshua, so all this while that the preaching was going on you are only concentrating on my groundnut but I promise you won’t smell it she joked as she forwarded the groundnut.

Other marine cultist within the group where disappointed in Evelyn, Evelyn was astonished, who told this good for nothing fool that I have groundnut with me she whispered to herself. The groundnut and others were blessed and the power left it, it become ordinary groundnut.

When Evelyn came back from fellowship she was indeed full of thought so many things run through her mind, who told this good for nothing boy about my groundnut

How can I tell the brotherhood that I failed this simple assignment how can they believe I didn’t reveal their secret maybe this guy belong to some where even at that he will not dare an offspring of the brotherhood and go Scott-free.

I swore to deal with that nonentity he want to bury my promotion and attract me punishment from the brotherhood, no I won’t allow him never in my life by the time am done with him he will understand that Surugede is funeral songs of the spirit I mean he will compare a beating of the mortals and a touch from the spirit.
Before she could arrived with a thought Susana approached her

Evelyn what’s wrong with you for goodness sake?
My sister I don’t know oo she said clapping her hands.
Then who told Joshua about the groundnut just don’t tell me you allowed anybody discovered what you were carrying.
That is exactly what I was thinking before you arrived I am very sure that no eyes set on that groundnut talk more of Joshua
Does that mean that he posses a mysterious power? Asked Susana if so we have to stop him before he stops us
Already it is clear that he belongs somewhere but I have a plan that best suit him.

Baby gist me
I have to posses Nneka the only female in that group that is so close to him I will make her to seduce the boy.
how can this happen, we both knew that girls are not allowed into the boys hostel even at night security are always busy Infact the school is such busy that it won’t be possible, if you suggest classroom people are there for night class, just tell me how?
You have soon forgotten that both boys and girls are allowed into the Lord chapel at anytime to pray both night and daytime.
Perhaps that will be a nice place for such misconduct
i will just spell that impossible for no one born of a woman whether with his senses or not will accept to try such evil at the Lord chapel,

That is more reasons why you should appreciate the idea because if I succeed that means they have defied both the temple of Holy Spirit and sin against their own body then the spirit divine will leave them and that deadly Lord’s chapel

What if the Holy Spirit rebukes you?
That one dey am there to face Joshua not the Holy Spirit
Your idea is very nice but you ought to be very careful before you venture the unimaginable

Fear not, the air was never trapped

I will be going now I have a deal to carry out before 5:00pm and as you know man is inexcusable before the brotherhood,
Which deal is that you take less serious?
It’s just a small deal

I have to make Amaka to sneak out with me I will tell her I want to see my cousin for my financial assistance, I will persuade her in the spirit and she will sneak out with me to where I will take her to Jimmy’s house then Jimmy will complete the remaining assignment of defiling and initiating her

That is a promotional deal
Okay I will see you tomorrow if your mission is accomplished.


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