Must Read: 3 Days In Ogbele Forest… Part 6

A Story written by Ncee Cletus (Call/Whatsapp 09038167880)… If you missed part Five yesterday read it HERE!!!

Evelyn cause Nneka to hear a voice
“Go and pray with Joshua at the Lords chapel for the master will use you mightily”

Nneka didn’t pray to know the master that will use her she left to see Joshua
On her way she saw Joshua under the mango tree near the school football field before she could get to Joshua an angel spoke to him “look the devil has been transformed into angel of righteous” Joshua kept wondering about the revelation

What does that mean that the devil has been transformed into an angel of righteousness does it mean that the devil has repented maybe he is now exhibiting the character of God many things ran through his mind as he sat down with the novel desperate students by N.C Cletus the angel appeared again prepare thyself for hour is now the war is set the battle line had been drawn

Joshua become more confused Nneka met him under the mango tree, Nneka greeted Joshua he responded but didn’t look happy, Joshua what is it again?
My sister you won’t understand the condition of this school now is getting me more confused

That is the same reason why I am here
The spirit ministered to me she explain all she had witness and how she was asked to go with him to the Lord’s chapel Nneka is such God fearing girl this made Joshua believe her but little do he remember that mortals can change with the weather then Joshua accepted to go with her as he believe that is why the angel has been appearing to him
finally exactly 8:00pm Nneka and Joshua left to the Lord’s chapel for prayer as they approach the chapel a small voice whispered to him it only the spirit that quickneth the flesh profited nothing”

What is wrong with me for goodness sake he said within himself Joshua just remembered that they were taught at their previous seminar not to go out with person of opposite S£x at such ungodly hours, Joshua was about turning back when the devil ministered to him woe to you, you called yourself a Christian yet at any little thing you will start thinking negatively

At your level of Christianity do you think is possible to get you into fornication?
Yes exclaimed Joshua
This draw Nneka attentions and she asked what is the problem?
Don’t worry is confidential replied Joshua

At the Lord’s chapel they prayed a powerful prayer even the devil will be nodding in appreciation after the prayer Joshua sat down to rest without any intention to sleep Joshua dose off and was sleeping heavily the marine cultist posses Nneka she started acting strangely, she was massaging Joshua’s body for some time and she was about removing his cloth when Joshua woke up but already seduce he sluggishly slept with Nneka
That night Joshua disvirgined Nneka right in the Lord’s chapel what a world of lawlessness and wickedness we are,
After the event Joshua find it very difficult to attend fellowship and other SU activities. Anytime the brethren summoned him he will already has package of excuses to give to them.

Nneka also portray Joshua character in giving excuse for absence to fellowship the marine cult agents felt more relieve at the fall of Joshua whom they believe was preparing hot cake for them. A banquet was prepared for Evelyn for pulling the two SU strongholds Joshua and Nneka; she was then promoted to level 9.9.9
What a mystery fall of the mighty

One day Joshua was busy over the map of Nigeria which is one of their Geography assignment, Joshua looked up and saw Nneka coming close to him her facial expression indicate sadness Joshua was upset looking at her face meanwhile after the incident at the Lord’s chapel Joshua fell in love with Nneka, he propose to her and she accepted Nneka love him so much if not for anything but the fact that he disvirgined her

Lust of the flesh is no longer a sin for Joshua and Nneka since they were already addicted to it

They took fornication for pleasure and Lord’s chapel as practice centre, they manage masturbation anytime they didn’t succeed with going to the Lord’s chapel the people that Joshua preach at to in the past mocked the SU members.

The SU members tried everything within their power to bring Joshua back all to no avail the pictures of all Joshua have done never allow him concentrate to his religion he graduated from one sin to another his mission to save the students become a story of “that was then”

As the marine agents celebrate the fall of Joshua they agreed that their next step is to initiate him then transformed his potential of saving the students to initiating the students to their kingdom. As Nneka get closer to Joshua she sobs
joshua asked her what’s wrong but she couldn’t respond they remained silent for a while pregnant she stammered Nneka

Preg….what did I hear you say, you are pregnant
Oh…why did you allow this to happen to you my Christian sister

why this entire question didn’t you enjoy the game when we were playing it.
Now you can see the harms you have done to me
If it is possible let’s see what we can do to that thing before anybody could notice I don’t want to be expelled and I will not stand the shames before my mates

Are you suggesting I abort the baby?

No am saying you should remove it.
Are you out of your sense don’t know the biblical implication of abortion
Oh oooo so you even remembered the biblical implication of abortion but you forgot the implication of fornication when we were doing it my friend you better do something or forget about calling me responsible for this mess

Nneka weep bitterly
Joshua tired to consol her
My love do it, it won’t harm you I won’t afford to see you suffer the pains and shame of unwanted pregnancy,
suppose I die during the abortion or possible lose my womb what will be my fate
Nothing will happen to you believe me you won’t even feel hurt.

I will do it but you have to swear with your life that as long as I am alive you will never date
Joshua was silent for sometimes before he answered I…I..I promised..
With your life.
Yes I promise with my life.
Nneka took Joshua to a corner, she picked a sharp object near her and make a cut on her hand and did the same to Joshua blood rushed out she licked the blood on Joshua hand and stretch her hand towards Joshua, he licked the blood as well and they repeated the agreement and sealed the covenant with death.

Susana the marine cult student that had been hearing them from a corner laughs mischievously we have finally succeeded she said to herself.
Later in the evening Susana went to meet with Nneka, she told her that she heard everything that she discussed with Joshua
don’t be afraid I will help you Nneka was surprise to hear it Susana assured her that she is on the safer side.

Don’t ever try to keep the pregnancy because you may lose your life during the child birth or tarnish your image totally you have to abort the baby for your own good I have done that myself for three consecutive times advised Susana.
You mean you have killed three babies
God forbid, I didn’t kill any baby I just flushed blood forming inside my womb otherwise called Zygote I will take you to a doctor that will help you he is specialist in that field.

The problem remain I don’t have any money on me now
I will take care of money they agreed that the date will be in two weeks time the school outing day. from that day Nneka and Susana become good friends.


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