Must Read: 3 Days In Ogbele Forest… Part 7

A Story written by Ncee Cletus (Call/Whatsapp 09038167880)… If you missed part Five yesterday read it HERE!!!

Two weeks later was the school outing day of the student behold it was the appointed day for the abortion, Susana took Nneka to doctor Monday, after series of interview the abortion was conducted successfully they returned to the hostel the same day, Nneka explained everything leaving no importance details to Joshua

Joshua was so excited he commended Nneka for her smartness you will be mine forever smiled Joshua
And I will kiss you, love to give it to you till death put us apart replied Nneka
That’s my girl he kissed her let leave before an intruder arrive.

Three days later everything changed students were having lesson in the class suddenly Nneka started bleeding she bleed almost to death, the students doctor was consulted and it was diagnose that she had abortion three days ago later when Nneka was able to speak she was interrogated and she confessed
I did abortion three days ago a student took me to the doctor that carried out the abortion out the abortion on the student outing day
who pregnanted you
Uwabunkeonye Joshua chisom
During the holidays or did you hang out with him?
No I didn’t hang out we did it inside the school at the Lord’s chapel
abomination shouted the Mrs. Umali that is interrogating her,
we went there to pray but as the devil may have it, after the prayer we had S£x we soon discovered that there was such a comfortable place where no one suspect us, so we went there always to make love.

Chai anwu mo shouted Mr. Randy who took you to the doctor?
She is my new friend Susana but I don’t know her surname, do you know any other person in having S£x at the Lord’s chapel
Just them Nneka cough and gave up the ghost.

The death of Nneka was a terrible shock to merit Int’l Secondary School; Joshua was caught by the school authority and handed over to the police, there was no trace to Susana since there were many Susana in the school and her surname were not revealed besides she has demonic powers which made the police to drop the investigation.

The school was left in complete anarchy and choas
The principal spoke angrily while addressing the students
My heart is burning in rage my mouth run short of words
I don’t know what youth like you are turning into nowadays because you are opportune to sit under your parents wealth, if you were suffering as we have suffered to be in school I believe you will respect yourselves, am talking to all of you

Imagine SU members that use to be the source of light to the entire nation but you have turned it with a home of deception SU member fornicating inside the Lord’s chapel not even once but on several occasion

Student were crying while others were echoing it with tears abomination Aru eme eeee shall we continue in sin that grace may abide God forbid, the principal insulted SU members the more he can from today hence forth there should be no SU in this school again

The SU member wept bitterly while other mocked them, they can pray down electric wire pretenders does the worst the SU members covered their selves in shames all the student mourned for Nneka. the girls wept uncontrollably as her deceased was taken away. Nneka a very beautiful girl of 19years, fair in complexion, slim, often address as oracle of wisdom due to her intelligence.

Joshua was charged to court by Nneka’s parent where the judge heartlessly declared him 21years in imprisonment the judge maintain that the law must take it due effect since it is no respect of person and there is no ignorant before the law he was taken to Jevinille delinquency prison.

The marine agents organized promotional party for Evelyn he was to be promoted to level 14.14 for eliminating SU organization in their school. During the ceremony the grandmaster urge everyone of them to emulate Evelyn as the devil was about to place the crown on Evelyn’s head James walked into the hostel and woke Joshua
so you are here sleeping
she must not wear the crown shouted Joshua.
Everybody inside hostel laughed at him as he just woke up and shouted
did you have malaria asked Chibuike,
I have been sleeping since 4:00pm I had horroful dream
Better let it be a dream.
What is the dream all about that made you sound so stupid,
James don’t disturb me
Go to dining hall now before the food finishes
I said you should stop disturbing me allow me to rest for God sake
Have I done wrong to let you know that food is almost finishing.
Thank you at least for waking me go and prepare against tomorrow

Just as James left Joshua hear a voice “the devil has been transformed into an angel of righteousness
again, is it not that same voice that I heard in my dream no something is wrong somewhere I must find out soon

Joshua left the hostel he went to an abandoned classroom he was there thinking of what to do Nneka came into the classroom with same cloth she wore in his dream
how do you know that I am here and what bring you
Joshua those question are not necessary now, I had a terrible experience concerning our plans tomorrow and I wish we pray against it at the Lord’s chapel.

What’s your experience?
I will tell you when we get there
Who else is aware of this?
Only you, i don’t want it to be disclose because as it stands now we don’t know whom to trust
Okay go and come back in 15minues let me round up what I was doing
She accepted and depart
What is happening to me am into anything that I didn’t know maybe am still dreaming everything I saw in my dream is replaying like a movie to me does it mean that I will end up in prison and our SU will fold
God forbid!
I will rather provoke the spirit and accept to beat drum for them.
the kingdom of darkness kept threatening my soul because of that which i was born with, never my will but as it pleases the Lord let your will be done he prayed silently he that guide Israel never sleep nor slumber I have to inform James to reduce the temptation beside two heads are better than one,


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