Must Read: 3 Days In Ogbele Forest… Part 8

A Story written by Ncee Cletus (Call/Whatsapp 09038167880)… If you missed part Seven yesterday read it HERE!!!

James was desperate to see the working hands of God tomorrow when Joshua arrives his corner.
Do you have any book or picture that contain the photos of Jesus,
yes what do you want to use it for? Go to the Lord’s chapel with it I will be there in five minutes
most often it seem complex to understand you.
15minutes will soon elapse just go remember to go with the imaginary pictures of Jesus I will explain everything to you there.
What kind of tragedy drama is this,
calm down I will explain later just do what I ask you to do

James took the picture and leave while Joshua returns to meet Nneka, Joshua within his heart prayed seriously as he walked down to meet Nneka. Nneka met Joshua
are we free to go?
Yes replied Joshua on their way to chapel Joshua refuses to talk though the pressure mounted on him to talk by Nneka was so much, when they get to the chapel Nneka was surprise to see James there.

They sat down and Nneka explain all she claimed was her experience, this was happening 6:25pm
we shall sing worship first if God reveals anything to us then we shall pray but if not we go before night fall. They sang worship song for 15minutes, when Joshua felt something in the spirit asked James where is the image I ask you to come with
Joshua held the picture and ask them to look into the picture whose face is this? Jesus chorused Nneka and James instantly an uncontrollable force flow into the building and Nneka screamed in a loud voice

The force threw her on the ground and she turned to Evelyn James was astonished with what he saw but Joshua was not move, James shouted Jesus ontop of his voice this draw attention of the chapel master who was studying in his house near the Lord’s chapel, he ran into the chapel and saw the devil in Evelyn manifesting he tried to find out the root of the problem James told him the little he know and ask him to find out the rest from Joshua.

Joshua paid defy ear to his question instead he was busy praying without regard to the question or the man, then the man joined the prayer before 8:30pm the school caught the fire of revival people were convicted of their sins before 10:00pm the chapel was full of people the securities and students help in bringing people under the anointing of the Holy Spirit they continue the prayer until dawn behold it was the long awaited Thursday.

The normal Thursday activities was ignored as some of the teachers and the principal were still under the move of the spirit the chapel master prayed for the release of the those under anointing and ask the Holy Spirit to release his calmness for a while this event happen 7:05am.

Calmness everybody let allow the spirit of Lord to speak at 7:09am Evelyn started her confession, I am Evelyn the royal serpent of the brotherhood biting venom I am the great deceiver, the queen of this school (occultist walls)
What! So you are evil no wonder
deaf and dumb you shall remain until wrath of God shall quench you voice that speak when the spirit of God is speaking, instantly the girl that shouted “so you are evil” become dumb and deaf

Evelyn continue her confession I was initiated into the brotherhood when I was in JSS1. I was initiated by my school mother, she gave me apple from their kingdom as a present the day I visited her at home during the holiday I ate it without knowing the content. At midnight I started hearing a voice very strange I tried to shout but will not, it seems as if my throat had been pin together I felt hell on earth that day as the strange voice and faces started appearing to me

My school mother appeared she held my hand up and I saw myself at the river with others and a woman as beautiful as the earth goddess that my mother use to tell us in one of her popular story, they welcomed me as the angel in heaven would have welcome a repented sinner that was how I got to the marine kingdom.
Three years later I grew wild I had three score better in all my assignment this made the queen of the coast and the grandmaster devil love me so much, I served the kingdom with effort until one day, I was busy with evil book of mysterious where all demonic trick, deception and power are written I was searching for the spell to render a man of God that has been disturbing lame.

The queen thought that am away, she started discussing with the grandmaster
the destiny of this girl Evelyn lies in these kingdom, the day that she leaves this brotherhood the kingdom will never regain its glory said the devil,
her destiny is to set students free but that will only happen the day she left the brotherhood said queen, I swore with my blood never to let her go.
so my destined is to liberate the students that I have been killing and initiating, so the queen and grand master are nothing but deceiver. they swore never to let me go but I will go myself.

i drop the book and left the river and come back to the world I went to church that I have been hearing of the miracle that the pastor were performing, that was Tuesday I met him at the office I walked in and greeted him in tears, sit down my dear how may I help you? I wanted to explain but he is already sexually attracted he approached me to kiss me and queen appeared I gave to you power to perform signs and wonder as if that not enough you tried to touch my priestess but don’t worry you must die.

She killed the pastor and turned to me don’t be stupid Evelyn,
I went home in tears sobbing all night my mother tried everything to find out the problem but I keep telling her I will be alright anytime I notice she is losing her temper I will pretend to be ok. My mother thought that I was pregnant and am afraid but the answer still remain no.

I went to another pastor in his church, the pastor was kneeling in front of the alter when I get to the church he turned to me and he said the spirit of the Lord revealed your predicament to me today you shall get your freedom,
but the spirit forget to remind you of your doom today appeared the queen
you lied the bible said that even though I walked through the valley of death I shall fear no evil defended the pastor,
the same bible said that fools trade where the angel fear to go.

As they were challenging themselves I ran out of the church so that she will spare the life of the man of God
I had no choice than to go back to the river to stop putting the life of pastors in danger, but I promise the brotherhood that one day I will be free forever in the marine kingdom I received rapid promotion, I have the power more than anybody in our kingdom the devil did it to convince me to remain in their kingdom.

I have killed many boys that was attracted to make love to me they all died because I am the priestess of the brotherhood and shouldn’t make love with any mortal
I have done much to Christians and churches but I will like a voice tape to be here before I will continue the confession so that Christian in the world will hear and learn to uphold their faith.

Evelyn and most of the students were delivered including Tony that turned into a huge python during the worship
the principal was also delivered that day was remarkable in their school.


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