Must Read: A Bastard And A Slu7 (18+)… Part 6


A Story written RedHairedandFriendly…

Grace understood her role and pushed his Joystick into her Kittycat. Her S£x was wet, though her mind was far from aroused. His Joystick slid in easily and soon he was using her to get off. There was no manipulation on his part in regards to bringing her to climax. She was there to serve a purpose and when he shot his cream into her, he only grunted and shuttered. No words of appreciation or admiration fell from his lips. 

Carrie waved goodbye just as Chad pushed Grace unceremoniously off his limp rod. Ten minutes later food arrived and Chad pulled on his robe and took care of the attendant while Grace lay discarded on the bed. 

Once again she showered before she ate and once again she felt empty and pathetic. The taste of Carrie lingered on her lips and throat, so she worked hard to scrub away the flavor with mint toothpaste and swallowed a small dose of mouthwash. When she took her place at the table across from Chad she felt more like herself. 

They ate in silence and for a moment she allowed herself to dream of him letting her leave early again. That dream was quickly squelched when another knock on the door invaded their private party. Chad winked, stood up and walked across the room. 

When Grace heard the sound of another man’s voice her skin grew pale and her hands began to shake. “So this is her?” a man said after stopping next to Grace. 

Grace kept her eyes on her hands, refusing to look up at the stranger. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him move his hand. She felt his fingers brush her hair and instinctively she pulled away. Chad was there though. He grabbed her head and made her look up. Standing in front of her was a man she did not recognize. 

He ran his fingers over her lips and ordered her to open her mouth. She did so and he pushed his thumb inside. “Suck it,” he told her. Grace whimpered out of fear and disgust, but complied, sucking the thumb like a tiny Joystick. The stranger grinned, pulled his thumb free and removed his belt. “Now the real thing,” he said. 

Grace turned away and stared at Chad. He said nothing, but his gaze drifted lazily over to the envelopes. With shaky hands Grace opened the man’s trousers and began to suck on his Joystick. He was quick to take control from her. His hands moved into her hair and his fingers wrapped tightly around the curly locks. He pushed her down to the base of his shaft, causing her to gag. She tried to pull free, but he kept her there, forcing her to breathe through her nose and swallow the saliva that formed around his rod. 

The scent of his S£x rolled over her. The musky aroma made her nostrils flare and her Kittycat tighten. She moaned and the two men chuckled. “Told you she was a Joystick Lovepeddler,” Chad whispered. 

Grace glared hotly toward her enemy, but could say nothing. Her mouth and throat were too full of Joystick. The stranger pulled her up and dropped her back down. Repeatedly he abused the back of her throat until he was coming. He shot the first load into her mouth and then the rest he let cover her face. After he came, she was forced to clean him and then he left just as swiftly as he’d entered. 

She wiped the man’s Pour off and stared at the floor. Hot tears of shame rolled down her face. Chad walked over and told her to wash up and head home. Quietly she did so, but she moved with less speed than the day before as humiliation weighed her down. 

Back at home she stared at her reflection. She had showered away the proof of her adultery and to the outside world she looked like Grace – faithful wife, devoted mother, and doting daughter. She saw the truth though. She was a pathetic weakling and had no right to the life in which she was living. That night she allowed her husband to hold her, yet she still refused his Sekxual advances. “I’m not feeling good,” she whispered as tears slipped down her cheek. 

“You want to talk about it?” 

She shook her head no, closed her eyes and silently wept, while he touched her hair and soothed her with words of love and adoration. 

Wednesday arrived and with it came a feeling of despair. Grace placed her kids on the bus after giving her husband a kiss and a hug and then she stared at her car keys. She didn’t want to go to the hotel. She wanted to rebel and to take control back. She toyed with the hotel key card, taking note of the hotel’s name, address, and telephone number. It didn’t take her long to dial the number, nor did it take the attendant who answered very long to connect her to room 524. 

Chad’s deep voice came through the line and when she told him that her youngest was running a high fever he allowed her the day off. “If he’s not better by morning, we’ll have to make other arrangements,” Chad had warned before hanging up. 

To Be Continued…

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