Must Read: A Date With The Devil: An Encounter With Our Khaki In-Law.. Part 2

This is another story written by By Olufayo Oluwatomisin ( 2B5Cef40)… If you missed the part One yesterday, read it HERE!!!

Then she asked my friend how I got to know Physics and he was fast
to tell the big lie “he knows everything”. Here is the problem;
obviously, she would want to associate with the guy that knows
“everything” and that is a plus to my friend’s interest but if she gets
to realize the only thing I know about the book she was reading was
that it was a textbook, my friend’s chance would be dead and buried.
My heart was beating for the likelihood of her asking me to say
something about the topic I was nodding about, but she did not.
Rather, she seemed to be interested in knowing about pol science
and we utilized the opportunity to show-off with that. To appear like
the “all knowing” I was called by my friend, I was talking about the
complex aspect of law no lay man would understand and introducing
some Latin and Spanish truisms while my friend was explaining. We
became friends that night and exchanged contacts. After then, my
friend started meeting her in school but I was never willing to see
her. You know why? My friend needed her, he got her and the main
reason was the fear of being called to solve a Physics question one
day. Let me just disappear from the scene as the man that knew all
instead of looking lost at the sight of a common formula in Physics.
On a sunny afternoon, I saw my friend coming from the Science block
{school 3} looking happy. My guess was right; he succeeded in
becoming the person to be studied at the love lane by the girl instead
of a Physics textbook. However, the success story came with a
warning, the girl was having serious issues with some of the topics
and the more she lamented about them, the more my friend boasted
about how it would take me just few minutes to solve them all. Now, I
must never allow any meeting with the girl. If I was caught unaware, I
should vacate the place and pretend I have an important meeting.
The plan worked well! In fact, the two times I met her was at the car
park{small GATE}, she once suggested coming to my Deperment but
I told her I have an assignment in town, on the second occasion,
after asking her the course she had that day and she told me it was
Mathematics, I knowingly suggested that we get a place to solve the
problem in Physics but she told me she was not with the textbook.
What else could I say than to thank God? God forbid a day she would
come with the textbook.
On a Saturday morning, the lover boy came to my place looking extra
elegant; he saved me the stress of questioning him because he was
fast to tell me he was going to visit his newly found love in her place.
I walked him down the street and reminded him to tell his girl that I
regret my inability to teach her Physics due to time constraint as
NUESA FIN SEC. We both laughed at the prank, and then he boarded
a cab for his destination.


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