Must Read: A Date With The Devil: An Encounter With Our Khaki In-Law.. Part 3

This is another story written by By Olufayo Oluwatomisin ( 2B5Cef40)… If you missed the part Two yesterday, read it HERE!!!

That night, I received a message that reads “Ore, the day was bad!
You can’t imagine what her dad made of me. I was ridiculed”. How
come? Her dad was not a party in this case. I started thinking sorts
but I could neither call nor visit him on campus because “It was
around the end of the month”. The third day was a Monday; I got to
school and went straight to my friend’s hostel for the gist which was
unpleasant as envisaged, here is it:

He got to the girl’s house at ADO EKITI and sat in the sitting room.
From his observation of the pictures on the wall, he realized his to be
father-in-law was a military man. He was fast to ask about the dad
and the lady told him the man left the house some minutes back and
would not return until night. My dear friend felt at home. However,
few minutes after, there was an aggressive bang on the gate. He was
scared but his host told him to relax as it was probably one of their
neighbours, she then went to the gate and demanded to know the
person but the shout came “Wuraola, would you open this gate now!”
It was that aggressive khaki man una sabi soja man na. She had no
choice than to open the gate instantly as any further delay would be
an aggravation of the potential looming conflagration. Then, the man
entered and headed for the cage where he unleashed their two fierce
dogs to roam freely in the compound, he dashed into the living room
and saw my friend who already knew danger loomed. The man then
asked in an aggressive manner “Are you the one distracting my
daughter in school?” “So, you still have the gut to come to my
house?” “I saw you entering my gate as I was leaving the street”
“How dare you, a bloody civilian trespass?” “You must be a bloody
bastard”. He did not give my friend a chance to answer a question
before asking another. After that, he locked the main door and rushed
inside, he returned with a gun and a bucket of water, he dropped the
bucket and headed for the kitchen, he returned with a big bowl of
garri. Now, the girl was in the compound running up and down. Here
are the options he gave my friend, I would pour the entire garri into
this bucket of water and you must finish it or I would shoot you right
here or you should just leave my house peacefully. Ignorantly, he
chose the last and the man opened the door, the moment my friend
stepped out of the house, two ferocious dogs came charging towards
him. He rushed back in and knelt before the man, he patiently opted
for the big bowl of garri in a bucket of water… Whether he finished it
or not, I did not ask. He planned a date with his girlfriend, there was
a date but not with her, it was with the devil.

*A true life story of one of my friend I will never forget @ UNN ikere


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