Must Read: A New Creation… Episode 52

episode 52
Hercules stood transfixed with fear, he was
only few metres away from the car. He was
surrounded by both the Arch Angels and the
White Tigers, his own people. Guns were
pointed at him from all directions, even his
juniors and friends all had their guns facing
him with pitiless looks on their one’s face.
Seeing Rough and Slimmy come out of the
car had explained it all to him, the cat must
have been let out of the bag. But how did
that happen? How did Slimmy and Oj who
were supposed to be at loggerheads come
to agree with each other?
“Hercules,” Rough said with a mocking
laugh, cutting through his thoughts. She
moved closer to him and stopped at his
front. “Surprised?” Rough began to walk in a
circle round him like she did to Oj.
She stopped and stared at his face, “do you
think you could play us all till we die?” She
barked in a loud voice.
Hercules remained quiet, he kept a
confident face and demeanor, he continued
to stare straight above the car.
“Where are my sisters?” Rough asked,
starting again to walk round him. She got no
response, she stopped at his front and
raised her face closer to his. “Where are my
sisters?” She asked again.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”
Hercules feigned ignorance.
Rough stared at him with disgust in her
eyes, “don’t even try to deny…”
“Leave him,” Oj said in a stressed tone and
walked to meet Hercules and Rough. Rough
moved back and joined Slimmy close to the
“Baba, what’s happening here? I don’t
understand,” Hercules said, trying to put up
an innocent looking face.
“Shut up! If I ‘wooze’ you ehn,” Oj
threatened with the butt of his gun. “Where
did you keep the girls?”
“Baba, I don’t know what you’re talking
about,” Hercules still maintained his
“Okay…” Oj felt someone touch his fingers
from the back. He turned back to see
Slimmy, Slimmy whispered some words to
him and turned back. He and Rough walked
into another car and drove away. The three
Arch Angels guys who had followed
Hercules from the back also began to walk
Bang! A sudden gunshot sounded
immediately they watched Slimmy and
Rough drive out of sight. Everybody was
wondering where it came from when they
saw Hercules sprawling on the floor already.
“Baba” had gotten impatient, so when
Slimmy and Rough were entering the car
noisily, he cocked his gun while everybody
was being distracted with Slimmy’s manner
of driving and administered the bullet into
Hercules right lap immediately the car was
out of sight.
Oj squatted with his pistol still in his hands
and stared at Hercules face, Small came to
stand beside him. “Where did you keep the
girls?” Oj reiterated.
Hercules winced in pain, gritting his teeth
and closing his eyes to absorb it. “Get me
treated first and then I’ll tell you , else you’ll
never know where they are.” Hercules
threatened in a gruff pain filled voice.
Oj stood up and stared blankly at the sky for
a moment, he turned back and squatted.
“Which of you went to kill mother and
Hercules still kept a bold face, “I don’t know
what you’re talking about.”
“Okay,” Oj rose up to his feet. “Don’t worry,
you’ll know when the whole of your family
lays six feet under the ground.”
“Huh?” Hercules’s eyes widened and he
vibrated in fear as he heard OJ’s last words.
“I’ll talk.”
Slimmy rode in the car with Rough seated
by his side, the both of them had their
thoughts pointing in one direction, the only
difference was that Slimmy was more
concerned about Hadijat while Rough was
concerned about the two girls.
Slimmy began to think of Kong’s possible
quarters of operation or hideout. He knew
the most feasible place to find Kong, Rushi,
the same uncompleted building where Kong
used to operate before he joined the Angels.
Maybe Kong still kept his mindset and the
desire he had before he joined the Angels.
Slimmy, Gentle, Fabio, Kong and Nazaretha
had all joined the Arch Angels cult group at
the same time, Slimmy could still remember
their initiation ceremony that night. Aside
from the initiation day, the young cultists did
not really have anything much to do with
each other. They were from different
departments and faculties and even hostels
which were far away from each other, so
they had nothing to do together except
when they exchanged greetings before and
after their meetings. Kong before he joined
the Arch Angels doubled as a noise and
trouble maker. He already had a gang of
terrible young boys who tried to oppress
others in the school. The rumor was that
Kong was trying to form a new cult group
but due to lack of strength and experience
of the guys, it was impossible. Kong’s group
of trouble makers had to split up at a
certain time of trouble just few weeks after
they started oppressing each other. That
was when Kong decided to join the Arch
Angels, and his closest friend and partner in
crime, Hercules joined the White Tigers. But
they didn’t join with a mindset of forming
their own groups later, only when they rose
in rank did they begin to think that they
were ripe enough to break away.
During their younger days, Kong had always
been disagreeing with the twin brothers
especially with Slimmy. Kong and Slimmy
were being trained as hitmen then, the late
Host was already one of the major hitmen.
Slimmy always performed his tasks better
than Kong and was always commended
better, Kong was always second to him in
any challenge or task. This stirred up rivalry
between both of them and they disagreed
and quarreled most of the times when their
bosses were not around.
Nazaretha and Gentle, although could also
use guns very well were in another
department. Both were friends and walked
quite in agreement with each other. Gentle
always took sides with Slimmy whenever
there was a disagreement with Kong but
Nazaretha was always on the middle
A phone call distracted Slimmy’s thoughts,
he took one hand off the steering wheel and
took out the phone from his pocket. His
heart skipped a beat as he saw the caller
ID. Ace, that was one of the regional leaders
of the Arch Angels in the country. The last
time they had spoken was when he was
being installed as the new Capon for his
school and Zonal Leader for the the schools
under their zone. He quickly pulled over to a
space to answer the call.
The call had ended before he could park the
car properly. He took off his seat belt to
enable him communicate properly. “It’s
Ace,” he whispered to Rough who was
looking to him for an explanation, then he
dialed back the number. Rough heaved a
sigh and closed her eyes.
“Hello Boss,” Slimmy spoke in low tones.
“Slimmy, Whatta Guan?” Ace sounded kind
of angry.
“Nothing Boss, we fixing the mess.” Slimmy
“You say nothing, me no fool man, we no
fools here. What’s this thing we hear that
you rolling with some f*ckboys now?”
“Boss, it’s a long story. I’ve actually been
fighting the wrong people all the while…”
“Shhh…”Ace silenced. “You ain’t got no
excuse enough to roll with em guys, what
about calling em all under your zonal
“I’ve called them and most of the boys have
been killed, the others are leaving us saying
that they have one or two things to do in
“What da f–k! You can’t manage just a zone
to fight some em small boys? You gotta be
kidding me man.”
“It’s not like that, we had some traitors
amongst us.” Slimmy replied, already getting
pissed off.
“Traitors? You have em traitors? That’s
gotta mean you’ve messed up business back
there in your school. ”
“And what’s this thang that you not settled
the money for em Gentle’s rites?”
“Huh?” Slimmy hissed and cut off the
phone. They were in a midst of a battle and
someone was asking him for money to
perform rites for Gentle’s body which he
wasn’t even planning to hand over to the
cult. The body had been embalmed already
but he planned to take it home and give his
brother a befitting burial which was contrary
to the rule of the cult.

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