Must Read: A New Creation… Episode 54

episode 54
**The next morning**
Slimmy and OJ were discussing behind the
gate of the Arch Angels mansion while their
boys were assembled outside the gate with
three cars there, all ready for the rescue
mission. The Arch Angels had a total of
eight men while the Tigers had seven, most
of them weren’t dressed fully in their
uniforms but only had a touch of their
colours on their clothes, except for their
leaders who were fully dressed.
“We can’t just go together, some of our
boys have to wait as backup,” Slimmy was
saying to OJ as they strategized their
movements. “Maybe your assistant should
wait here with Rough and some of the boys
from both teams while we lead some other
boys there.”
“Sounds okay,” OJ agreed. “So how many
boys are you suggesting we go with?”
“Humm… I think the formation should be like
this,” OJ began to demonstrate with his
hands. “Let’s split into three teams; both of
us would lead the first team, let’s call it
team A. Rough could lead the second team,
Team B while your assistant leads the third
team, Team C. Since we are fifteen
altogether, each team should have five
people in it, that means the both of us are
going to get three more people to join us.
Now, ” Slimmy squatted and picked up a
small broomstick, he began to sketch
something on the floor.
“There are two major routes to the place,”
he continued, this time illustrating with the
diagram. “Team A would take the right route
while team B, the left but they won’t get to
the place with us, they’ll wait at a close
distance. Team C would also take the right
route and wait at a reasonable distance too.
And when we get there and we see what’s
on ground, we’ll contact the necessary team
or both if needed.” Slimmy finished
explaining and got up.
“Nice strategy! ” OJ applauded, staring at
Slimmy’s face with a smile. He secretly
wished he could enroll and learn some
tactics from the Arch Angels after the battle
but the ego he had as a rival cult leader
would never allow that.
“Here,” Kong was squatting behind a “Ghana
must go” bag, bringing out bundles of money
in two hundred naira notes and handing
them over to the boys in front of him. “We
have nothing to do with these girls, they
aren’t our real goals, they are just a means
to an end.” He looked up and said to them.
Then he rose up to his feet after handing a
bundle to the last of the twenty boys.
“Slimmy and OJ are our main goals now,
and they are coming for the girls already, I
already got a text message from one of the
spies saying they are in their way to Rushi.”
Kong said to the boys. “The goal is to
capture Slimmy and OJ alive because I want
to make them concede defeat and I’ll make
a video record of them, to announce to the
world that I’ve finally taken over. We will kill
the rest of the boys straightaway. The only
reason we would kill Slimmy or OJ before
making them concede is if they claim to be
stubborn or want to give us too much tough
time. Remember, we have a greater
advantage because we outnumber them and
we also know all of their steps, let’s use
this advantage to kill them all.” He paused
and looked at all of his boys faces, just like
the late Host used to. “Does everyone
understand?” He shouted in a determined
“Yes!” They all replied with a different type
of determination in their voices. Theirs was
not determination to take over but it was
the determination stirred by the money on
their palms.
Kong took in a deep breath and then
signaled to one of the boys to pick up the
bag of money and take it into another room.
The money was what he had been able to
make in just few weeks after Host had died
and he became the major hitman and
guardian of the Arch Angels’ arsenal.
While the rest of the Arch Angels and Tigers
had been enjoying their moment of peace
after the treaty was signed, Kong and
Hercules had been working underground,
making money by carrying out assassination
jobs and political thuggery with the weapons
of their cults. They had their proposed
takeover well strategized already but
Gentle’s disagreement with Slimmy gave
them an early opportunity to start.
Kong’s phone notification tone sounded, he
took it out immediately and swiped down
the notification bar. “We just stopped on the
way now, we’re waiting at some distance
from Rushi. I don’t know what for and I
don’t know if Capon and the rest are still
heading for Rushi or going elsewhere ” he
read. He looked at the eager faces of his
boys and made a chuckle. Then he began to
type a reply to the message. “Can you move
away from the group, I need to speak with
you and intimate you on some things” Kong
sent. Few seconds later, he got the reply.
“I’ll enter into the bush in three minutes, you
can call then.”
Rough sat on the bonnet of the car eagerly
waiting for instructions from her Capon, as
it was now, she was the second in
command of the Arch Angels. From time to
time, she’ll glance back to the boys who
were standing around the car, close to the
bush and either discussing things in low
tones or soliloquizing but she also took
notice of one who had been busy with his
phone all through.
Not that she was too strict like the late
Host who wouldn’t allow anyone use their
phones in his presence but there was
something about his seriousness with the
phone. One more thing that got her
suspicious about the boy was the way he
vibrated when their eyes met. At first, she
discarded his vibration to think that he was
only afraid of being caught chatting with his
phone by the second in command but she
began to ponder more on it later. No one
under normal circumstances would have a
mood for chatting or playing games or
whatever he was doing with the phone when
they were going on a serious mission like
To make matters worse, the boy rose from
the boot of the car where he was previously
seated and said something to the other
boys before he began to walk into the
Rough climbed down the bonnet and walked
to the back of the car. “Where did he say he
was going to?” She asked the rest of the
“He wants to ease himself,” one of the boys
“Okay,” Rough nodded thoughtfully and
returned back to the car to pick up
Rough climbed down the bonnet and walked
to the back of the car. “Where did he say he
was going to?” She asked the rest of the
“He wants to hiss himself,” one of the boys
“Okay,” Rough nodded thoughtfully and
returned back to the car to pick up
She opened the safe of the car and took
out a small transparent nylon containing
bullets, she hid it in the pocket of her big
hooded jacket. Without arousing suspicions
she also told the boys she needed to pee
too, she entered into the bush but not
directly into the part that the first guy had
entered through, when she was out of view
to the boys by the car she then traced her
way back to where the guy went through,
she made sure to walk as slow and silent as
possible to keep her presence unknown to
the guy, she saw the guy standing with his
phone to his ear, Rofiat kept a reasonable
distance but could hear the guy’s voice from
where she was.
“Baba na lie ooh…. You mean say una don
commot from that place…. so na trap you
wan set for dem Slimmy n Oj…. Haaa Baba
you bad ooo” The guy kept on laughing
silently but wickedly as Kong kept on telling
him about the plans, Rofiat waited silently
and patiently to see if the guy could talk
some more. “Baba u no go believe say na
dat Rough dey lead my team now, meee,
woman dey lead my team….. Baba no talk
say no beordinary woman joor, woman na
woman……Ok baba…. I sabi Rothman’s street
na… Enh that house for number 57, sheybi
na der me and you go hide weapon dat day
wey your girl just dey worry us…. No wahala
baba, no wahala as soon as everything
finish, na der I go dey run come” the guy
dropped the call, kept his phone in his
pocket and walked back to where the boys
by the car where.
Rofiat came out immediately behind him,
the guy was shocked to the throat and was
scared that she might have heard all his
“Someone should collect this guy’s phone
and check his last caller” Rofiat ordered.
“For wetin na” the guy protested as she
immediately got up to defend
himself incaseof any attacks.
“Do you have anything to hide” Rofiat
“Wetin I wan get to hide na” the guy
“Then bring out your phone, let’s check your
last dialled or received call” Rofiat ordered
The guy paused and stared around
calculating his odds and chances, the were
four all of the, does he stand a chance of
taking all of them out if he is fast enough,
he pondered over it for a while.
“Okay Okay, let me bring out my phone” he
mumbled as he swiftly quickly laid his hand
on his gun behind his trousers and was
about bringing it out, Rofiat who was already
at alert shot him straight in the head even
though she didn’t aim for any part of his
The remaining guys jerked back and all
stared in surprise at what just played down,
one of them then moved closer and them
raised the guy’s shirt only to see his hands
on a gun, the guy proceeded further and
brought out the guy’s phone, fortunately the
phone was still unlocked for whatever
reasons, he scrolled the phone through to
the caller’s log and exclaimed when he saw
the last dialled.
“Na Kong number be the last the call wey
hin receive oh” All of them but Rofiat who
was already dialling Slimmy’s number had
shock on their faces. Rofiat was dialling the
number for the second time as Slimmy
didn’t pick at first, luckily the call was
picked the second time.
“Hello Capon” Rofiat Spoke to the phone
with a pinch eagerness and excitement.
“Rough which one na, shey you no say my
phone no suppose dey ring, we are about
tolaunch an attack na” Slimmy complained.
“Boss it’s a trap, it’s a trap, you guys should
return back here Asap” Rofiat Screamed on
the phone.
“Rough you are making no sense, calm down
and explain to me properly” Slimmy replied
“Okay, one of the guys that was in my team
was giving out information to Kong, I caught
him talking to Kong over the phone and
from their conversation, I gathered that they
are not in Rushi, it’s just a trap they are
trying to lure you and Oj into” Rofiat
Slimmy kept mute for a while as he thought
everything through “Rough” he spoke after a
moment of silence, just stay where you are,
we will be there now so we can all make
another strategy and formation all over
again” Slimmy Replied and the line went
Rofiat collected the dead guy’s phone and
began to study the code and manner which
he and Kong use in passing messages to
each other because she knew they will have
to send Kong a message with the guy’s
phone to lure him into his own trap.
Oj began dialling Small’s number
immediately Slimmy told him what Rofiat
had just found out, Slimmy made a u-turn as
they enroute back to where Rough and his
team were.
“Hello Small”. Oj said.
“Yes baba” Small hailed.
“It’s a trap ooh, you guys should abort, head
back to where team C is” Oj ordered.
“Yes boss” Small replied and the line went
Kong went into the room where Halimat and
Hadijat was being held, he looked at them
and felt pity at how their once beautiful and
glowing face now looked gloomy, sad and
pained, though despite all that they still look
beautiful but not as ravishing and glowing
like before.
“When all this is over” Kong said “I will have
one of you as my girlfriend because I see
the two of you have soft spot for Capons
offraternities, or who knows, I might just
have the two of you for myself”
Kong started laughing hysterically as he
enjoyed how everything was turning out, he
stared at them waiting for one of them to
speak back at him but when he got no reply
from any of them, he started walking outside
still laughing.
“I’d rather die” Hadijat spoke just as Kong
was about to open the door “I’d rather die
than be with a coward like you”
Kong turned back and gave her an evil stare
“Die you shall die then” Kong replied and left
the room.

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