Must Read: A New Creation… Episode 56

episode 56
Slimmy suddenly pulled over few metres
close to the supposed place. The car
coming behind them pulled over too. He
brought out his revolver and started to put
in bullets.
“This is number 39, the house is supposed
to be 57.” Oj said to him.
“I know, you all should take out your guns
and prepare to defend any attack.”
“But why? Why don’t we go closer a little
bit?” Oj questioned, nevertheless bringing out
the gun at Slimmy’s order. He hated the
way Slimmy acted like the boss in charge of
the rescue operation, forgetting that there
were supposed to be two masters in it. He
believed that Slimmy should have asked him
before taking the decision to pull over at a
far distance to the place, contrary to their
initial plan.
For Slimmy, he was only being cautious. He
had been in the Arch Angels with Kong and
even presided over the betrayal as his
capon for few weeks, so he knew an Arch
Angel’s strategy when he sees one. He
needed no one to tell him where Kong and
his men were again when he saw some boys
walking out from a compound straight to an
opposite store and taking side glances at
their direction. He knew Kong had gotten
news and was expecting them, he knew they
were being waited for at the gate of the
house. But he couldn’t mention what he saw
to Oj or tell him about the tactics Kong had
put to play, it would mean revealing a
secret to one’s potential future enemy.
“We can’t go closer anymore, they’ve seen
us and they are waiting for us at the
entrance already.” Slimmy explained then he
opened the door, he placed a leg outside the
car first before turning back to take a cap.
He fixed it on his head and turned to Oj
whose eyes were squinted, staring at the
front to see what Slimmy had seen which
made him state that they had been seen.
“I can’t see anyone,” Oj retorted.
Slimmy chuckled, he didn’t know how to tell
Oj that the Arch Angels never called a
number as it was, they always added ten to
it if was in tens and one hundred to it if the
number was in hundreds. For example, if an
Arch Angel member was to call No. 70 for
another member, he called it 80 and if he
was to call 450, he called it 550. So when
Kong had called No. 57 to the mole, he
must have meant 47.
“You no see those guys wey carry drink
dance waka for there now?” Slimmy asked,
pointing some metres before them.
“Those two drunk guys wey waka pass,
throw bottle for ground?” Oj questioned.
“Yes,” Slimmy affirmed.
“So them no be street guys?” Oj asked, kind
of rhetorically because he didn’t wait for a
reply before opening the door to his side
“You stay with here with the doors opened
while I go a little bit forward with some of
the boys,” Slimmy said to Oj, stopping him
from stepping outside. “I’ll signal to you
either to come forward or to retreat and if
you get any signal from Rough and Small,
you’ll have to make signals to me, you can
push the horn.”
Oj stopped and looked around their
environment first, their car was parked in a
space in front of a government secondary
school gate, an open football field was
beside the school while opposite it was a
nylon company with a huge gate and very
long walls.
“No,” Oj refused, “I’ll go while you stay
behind and wait for the signal from Rough
and Small.”
Slimmy stared silently, surprised at the
manner at which Oj refused, he thought they
were supposed to be thinking like a team.
“Okay, you can go. I’ll push the horn once if
I want you to retreat and I’ll push it twice if
I get signals from Rough before coming to
join you.” Slimmy finally agreed and placed
back his leg into the car while Oj stepped
out after signaling to one of the Tigers who
was in the car with them.
“Rough, can you see anything yet?” Small
asked in low tones, joining Rough where she
was seated on a long wooden bench, her
head and part of her face covered with a
cap. It was in front of a small kiosk where
soft drinks and snacks were sold. Rough had
to buy a bottle of Coke and use the
opportunity to sit on front of the kiosk.
Rough turned back quickly to look at him
and make sure that he wasn’t going to spoil
their plans. She turned back after being
satisfied that he was dressed in a way no
one could identify him if he was spotted
from afar.
“Yes, I’ve seen my capon’s car and some
boys coming out of the house.” She replied
him in low tones too, careful not to allow
the woman inside the kiosk hear the
“Some boys, out of which house? Isn’t this
house 57?” Small asked turning to point to a
large bungalow not too far behind. He had
been surprised when part of the plan was
wait somewhere after driving past 57 and
not to wait before 57. He and his boss had
initially argued but Slimmy had convinced
them, saying they needed to stay in
between or the after the house. Both of
them reluctantly agreed not knowing that
the Arch Angels had it in mind that Kong
could have been speaking to the mole in the
Arch Angels’ top secret language.
Rough gulped down some liquid from the
bottle of Coke and passed the remaining to
Small, wanting to distract him a little while
she thought of how to explain to him that
she wasn’t monitoring house 57 but 47.
‘Which time did you see the boys, I didn’t
see any?” Small asked again, after
swallowing some liquid from the bottle of
“I think I made an error while listening to
the guy, he must have mentioned 47 not
57.” Rough replied.
“Okay,” Small took a pause to look in
direction of house 47, then he saw two boys
hiding behind a wall opposite the house,
taking out some weapons from the floor. He
also saw someone occasionally opening the
gate and peeping outside, then he agreed
that it must have really been 47 and not 57.
“That’s Oj coming,” Rough stated as she
spotted Oj.
“My boss,” Small corrected. “Baba.”
“Okay that’s Baba coming,” Rough applied
the correction. “Let’s go get the boys while
I alert capon that we are ready. Remember
the plan is that while they focus on My
Capon and your Baba who’s attacking them
from the front, we’ll take them unaware
from behind.”
Rough quickly ran to the back of the kiosk
and went to where to the rest of the team
she is leading was.
“Guys are we ready to rumble” Rofiat asked
as she walked into their midst, they all
brought out their guns and started loading it
while Rofiat brought out his phone and
dialled Slimmy’s number.
“Hello Capon, back up is ready when
needed” Rofiat said.
“Cool, just be on standby, remember the
signal I will give when you are needed”
Slimmy replied
“Yes bossman” Rofiat terminated the call
and began loading her gun too.
“What the F is happening out there” Kong
asked the guys forming drunk as he opened
the gate a little.
“Baba their car just park for that place, e be
like say one of dem don drop sef, na only
one dey inside car” one of them replied.
“Ohhhh Slimmy, you want to play chess now
right, cool let’s game” Kong walked away
from the gate and faced his boys “You, you
and You, go and join those two guys outside
and attack them head on” Kong ordered and
walked back to the gate “Guys are you
loaded” He asked the two guys sitting
outside the gate.
“Loaded to the brim baba” They both
“Good, three guys are going to join you
outside now, just take them on, shoot any
object in sight” Kong ordered as the three
guys charged outside covering for the two
guys sitting to stand up and getting into
position. Immediately the two guys stood
up, they ran to the other side of the road
hiding behind the store opposite the house.
Slimmy who had been patiently observing
saw the movement of the guys but still
decided to not send the signal to Oj
because he knew Kong was setting a
counter trap for them, he had really
underrated Kong’s tactical skills, he used to
think Nazaretha was a better tactician but
Kong has just proved that he supercedes
“Kong are these your Pawns, how about you
send me some Knights or Rooks” Slimmy
said to himself jokingly as he held a pistol
to his right hand which is his stronger arm
and holding the car’s steering with his left.
“Come to daddy” Slimmy said as he saw
one of the boys approaching him with a gun
in his hand “A little bit further boy, come
boy” Slimmy said as he stepped on the
accelerator and the car charged forward
towards the guy approaching, the guy
started shooting at Slimmy’s car but before
couldn’t aim well at Slimmy who drove very
fast and hit him to the ground with the car,
immediately the guy fell to the ground, the
other four guys rushed out and started
shooting at Slimmy “Now the game is on
boys” Slimmy said to himself as he made a
360 you turn with his car and drove towards
the place he was before, the guys kept on
following Slimmy who drove slow in order to
make sure that the guys keeps on following,
as soon as he got closer to where Oj and
the boys were, He honked twice and Oj
alongside four boys stepped out from a
corner and started shooting at the four boys
following Slimmy’s car. The four guys
wanted to retreat but it was too late as Oj
and the guys had laid a perfect ambush for
them, within split seconds four of them were
down but they didn’t go down without taking
two of Oj’s boys along leaving him with two
boys. Slimmy was about to drop from the
car when he saw Oj and the guys Charging
towards Kong’s house.
“Sh!t” Slimmy cussed angrily seeing that Oj
had gone against the plan, he stepped on
the accelerator again and made for the next
street. He decided to take the next street in
order to alert Rofiat and her team of the
new development, he got to where they
were in to time and ordered them to enter
into the car. They all did and Slimmy drove
to Kong’s place taking the opposite
direction. As soon as he got close to the
house, he saw Kong’s boys outside
exchanging fire with Oj and the team. They
all got down and attacked from the rear
while Oj and two other guys who were the
only ones left in Oj’s team attacked from
the front, some of Kong’s boys retreated
back into the building while the rest fell
down to the bullets.
Kong was infuriated as he saw that the odds
were now against them, he thought of a
new plan to use in check mating them, he
rushed inside the house brought out and
brought Halimat while the guy they left
inside brought out Hadijat. They loosed the
ropes in their hands as Kong contemplate on
which one of them he should use as a
distraction, If he uses Hadijat, Slimmy and
Rofiat will be distracted and that’s not
favourable enough because they are on the
same side of the road, he needed to distract
one person each at the oppositse sides of
the gate, he then decided to use Halimat
who will successfully distract Oj and Rough.
“Checkmate time” he said to himself and
started laughing as he dragged Halimat to
the gate, when he got to the gate, he
ordered two boys to join him at the gate “As
soon as I open this gate, shoot anything you
see” He ordered.
“Hey cutie, want to survive? Then run
outside at the count of five” Kong said,
Halimat was looking at Hadijat as they were
both crying profusely.
“1, 2, 3, 4 ” Kong counted and opened the
gate at the count of five, Halimat stormed
out while Kong and the two guys be
instructed shot randomly at Oj’s team, the
other two guys dropped dead immediately
leaving only Oj only.
“Sh!t” Slimmy and Oj cussed simultaneously,
Slimmy instructed Rough to escort Halimat
to the car, she quickly did.
“Just stay down like that, do not raise your
head no matter what happens, I repeat do
not raise your head” Rofiat ordered and was
returning back to the front Oj’s compound
when She started hearing noise of Power
bikes, Before she could turn around, the
bikers were already close by, five bikers all
together, the guys that were ambushed
police at Rushi, they had conquered the
police in the gun battle. As soon as Rofiat
saw them, she started shooting randomly at
them and two of them got hit by her bullet,
she continued shooting randomly but was hit
by a bullet from one of the bike men, Rofiat
went down has the bullet hit her.
Everything happened so fast, Slimmy saw
Rofiat dropped and his rage multiplied, he
charged towards the bike men shooting
vigorously and screaming Rough’s name, the
rest of the guys charged towards the bike
men with him. Kong peeped from the gate
and saw that it was his boys attacking, he
also ordered the rest of his boys to charged
towards Slimmy and Oj’s boys too leaving
only him and Hadijat in the compound.

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