Must Read: A New Creation… Episode 57

episode 57
“Come here,” Kong dragged Halimat into the
building with him, placing a gun on her neck
and holding her hair.
She tried to resist as they got to the stairs
of the balcony, struggling to free herself and
fighting him with her elbow. Kong got
infuriated and dished out a thunderous slap
to her face which sent her to ground below.
He stepped down and pulled her up by her
blouse, he dragged her up and pulled her
inside. In anger, he was kicking open all the
doors and dragging her, now she was on the
floor but he was still pulling her by her
hands, mercilessly and deaf to her cries. He
succeeding in dragging her into the room in
which she and Halimat were kept previously.
He pulled her to the middle and went back
to close the door. Hadijat was screaming
and shouting for help but there was no one
forth coming.
After locking the door, Kong walked back to
where he dropped her and pulled her up. He
brought closer the chair on which she was
previously tied to, he lifted her up and made
her to sit forcefully, landing blows on her
face at every attempt she tried to resist. He
was furious with everyone, furious with
himself, his plans were not working out well.
Even though his boys were still much more
than the opposition, he was sure that they
had no wisdom to outsmart or resist Slimmy
for long. He couldn’t allow Slimmy win him
again like their earlier days when they had
been given tasks and Slimmy had excelled
better. He had to win this, once and for all.
He stared at Hadijat’s face again and placed
his index finger below her chin to raise up
her head and make her look into his eyes.
Her face had been battered and bruised, a
result of his blows and slaps. Her eyes were
pleading for mercy and freedom but he was
unmoved. He stepped back and stared
blankly at the wall, still keeping an eye on
her. He began to think of what to do in case
Slimmy overcame the boys outside. An idea
came into his mind. He glanced at her face
again and gave a wicked smile after which
he stepped back and began to search for
ropes which were used to tie both Hadijat
and Halimat before. He walked back to
Hadijat and began to tie her legs together
with the rope. After tightening it around her
legs, he extended it to her hands; the rope
was long enough to tie up the whole of her
body. He fastened the ropes and her hand
and there was still left a longer part which
he could use to pull her outside.
His intention was to place a call to Terror’sc
assistant and offer him another huge sum of
money for more boys urgently. Then he was
going to drag Hadijat like a goat, outside the
house and wait in the compound for Slimmy
and Rough to enter, he was sure that both
of them would not like the scene. Then he
would threaten to kill her if they made any
attempt on him, he was sure they’ll dare not
and would even stop Oj from attempting,
that was if Oj remained. Then he would
waste time making a fruitless negotiation
with them, he expected that Terror’s boys
would have arrived by then. He would
escape with Hadijat as an hostage and
command the boys to war with Slimmy and
the rest.
“Dear Lord, we pray for peace in our school.
We pray for the souls of all those who are
involved in these vices; that their lives may
be turned around for good and that they’ll
come to know the gospel of our Lord Jesus
Christ and they’ll accept it and surrender
their lives to you, in Jesus name.” Roy
prayed, kneeling before the altar with his
two hands clasped together and placed on
his nose.
“‘Amen,” a tiny voice sounded from behind
Roy made a sign of the cross before getting
up and turning back to see the person who
had joined him in the prayer. It was Angela,
she was smiling broadly at him, her Bible
held with her two hands.
“Sister Angela!” He exclaimed on seeing her.
He had not laid his eyes on her since when
they had parted ways and he was taken to
the missions house.
“Brother Roy, I got the testimony of your
salvation,” she said all smiles.
“Congratulations and welcome to the family
of God,” she extended him a handshake.
“Thank you,” he said, smiling back as he
received her warm handshake.
“You’re welcome,” she exhaled and began to
take a leisure stroll towards the choir stand.
He followed by her side and they counted
their slow steps in silence, just enjoying the
cool breeze entering from the church
“So what did you come to do in church this
morning?” Roy broke the silence.
“Well, I just finished praying and studying at
home and had nothing else to do, so I came
to check if there was any work I could help
with in church.” She replied.
Roy stared at her in silence and disbelief,
“you’ve not gone home yet? A lot of
members don’t come church anymore
except for those who stays in the missions
house and those whose parents’ houses are
very close to school.”
“Yes, but I can’t go home yet,” Angela said
in a stressed tone. “You know I’m in a key
leader in church and in the choir.”
“‘Hmm… You guys are trying o,” Roy
There was silence between them again.
They had gotten to the choir stand and Roy
had gone to sit behind the drums set
although he had no idea on how to hold the
drums sticks.
Angela laughed as he turned the sticks
upside down, trying to figure out where to
place his grip. “Don’t tell me you never
watched anyone play the drums.” She said
“‘Ermm… I never came close to the choir
seats or choir stands. My parents weren’t
really church people, so as a child I only
attended when there was a party coming up
in a friend’s church, the jollof rice was
always very tasty.” He replied back jokingly.
“But I’ve seen drummers on TV.”
She chuckled, “now do you want to learn
how to play the drums?” She asked
approaching the drum set.
“Yes,” he replied and got up from the drums
seat. He gave way for her to sit and handed
over the sticks to her. To his surprise, she
began to make the beats just like a
professional. He stared at her with his
mouth wide open, he had never seen a lady
playing the drums so well before.
Kong rushed to the living room to pick his
phone and rushed back to the room, he
started dialling the number of the present
leader’s of Terror’s squad, the guy picked up
at the first ring.
“Hello Young, na Kong” He spoke as he kept
on pacing round in the room while Hadijat
just kept staring at him.
“How far Kong, My boys don finish der job
der?” A very tiny voice replied.
“Noo Young, na why I dey call you be dat, I
need more guys, dem don drop most of us”
Kong explained.
“What do you mean”
“I mean that most of my boys, your boys
are down”
“Kong, my boys die and you still dey alive,
you kan still dey demand for more boys”
Young replied angrily “If I do mistake come
der and I meet you alive then na me go kill
you myself”
Kong was surprised and angry at how the
guy threatened him and even cut the call on
him, his anger doubled and he stoned the
phone to the wall. His plans had just been
foiled again.
“They were right when they said there is no
peace for the wicked” Hadijat spoke behind
Kong who was still gazing angrily at the
pieces of his phone, Kong turn around and
gave her a evil stare.
“You think you are bold yeah?” Kong landed
another round of slaps on her face and then
he heard a bang at his gate, he rushed out
of the room and quickly looked through the
window and saw Oj and Slimmy matching in.
He rushed back into the room and he
quickly began to drag Hadijat outside
with the rope.
“Kong!!!” Slimmy yelled his name as he and
Oj stood in the compound and faced the
entrance, after the gun battle outside, it was
only Slimmy, Oj and Small that was left
alive, Small was instructed to take Halimat
and Rofiat to the hospital.
“Kong!!!” Slimmy yelled again and Kong
appeared at the door holding Hadijat with a
gun to her head.
“Why did you do all these Kolawole, Why?”
Slimmy asked.
“So you still remember my name? I thought
you must have forgotten by now,” Kong
replied smiling at the back of Hadijat “I
don’t need to explain why I did whatever I
“Okay then, I’m sure you have said your last
prayers” Oj cuts in.
“There’s no death in my face Oj, it’s you and
Slimmy that should say your last prayers” he
tightened his grip on Hadijat and she started
“Let the girl go,” Slimmy said authoritatively.
“Haha, he thinks he is still the boss here,
Okay Okay I will let her go only if the two of
you drop your weapons” Slimmy looked at Oj
and they both stared at him suspiciously,
they dropped their weapons slowly.
“Now take some steps back from the gun”
Kong ordered again which they did.
Kong dragged Hadijat with him to where the
guns were, he picked them stepped back.
Then he took a knife and cut the ropes on
her legs. “Here’s you boo?” He said to
Slimmy as he released her to him, firing two
shots into her body as ran towards Slimmy,
she fell on the way. He tried to shoot
Slimmy also but Oj brought out the gun
from his back and quickly shot him.
Unluckily for Oj, the bullet had entered into
Kong’s left shoulder and had no more bullets
in his revolver. Kong turned his gun to him
and sent three bullets immediately into his
Slimmy who had also sprang into action
delivered two quick shots to Kong, one to
his hand making the gun drop and the other
to his knee.
He moved close to Kong, pointing the gun at
“I have taken everything from you, Your
brother, your boys and your girlfriend” Kong
started his evil grin even though he was in
pains, Slimmy picked up the gun that fell out
of Kong’s hand and started shooting him in
the face till his face became grilled and
He dropped the gun and stepped back in
tears. Hadijat’s eyes were were wide open,
he rushed to where her body was laying to
check if she was still alive, she was already
gone. He gave a loud cry of agony as he
hugged her body, tears rushing down his
face like water from a river.
“Arrrghhh!” He screamed till he lost all of his
He glanced around the place, he was the
only one alive in the midst of several dead
****** Few Weeks After ********
“May his gentle soul rest in perfect and
everlasting peace” The Pastor said.
“Amen” they all chorused
Halimat held Slimmy’s hand as they
watched them lowered Gentle’s body into
the ground below. That was the third burial
they all attended in the space of 2 weeks,
The first one was Hadijat’s burial that was
done in her family house, the second was
Oj’s burial which Small conducted in honour
of his boss and very good friend. Unluckily
for Nazaretha, he didn’t get to have a
befitting burial as his body was taken by the
Now the burial was Gentle’s own, Slimmy
insisted that his parents shouldn’t attend
the burial so as not to cause them more
grieves. Slimmy fought so hard to hold back
the tears but when she saw Rofiat crying
profusely on the wheelchair as they sealed
Gentle’s body, he shed tears, Halimat
squatted and held Rofiat closer, the gunshot
she received affected her spine, her case
had been made worse when the doctors did
not treat her immediately but demanded for
a police report. Now, she would never be
able to work again, she was confined to the
wheel chair. Slimmy also walked towards
her and held her hands tightly.
After some minutes, they were done sealing
Gentle’s body, and everyone at the burial
started leaving one after the other after
saying their goodbyes to Slimmy. Small also
came along to say goodbye to Slimmy with
the little boys he had started recruiting to
start of White tigers again.
“We have to start leaving now, our flight is
in less than three hours” Halimat said to
Rofiat and Slimmy who were the only ones
left at the burial ground.
“You people should have a safe trip,” Slimmy
hugged Halimat tight and then squatted to
hold Rofiat again.
“Slimmy you should start leaving too” Rofiat
said softly amid tears.
“I will, I just want to say goodbye to my
brother, my kid brother” Slimmy remembered
how they used to argue about who is older
and he started shedding tears, Rofiat held
him closely and Halimat also joined them as
they all cried.
Slimmy watched as Halimat wheeled Rofiat
to the car and watched them drove away as
they kept on waving, Their parents had
decided to withdraw them from the school
and had ordered them to travel out of the
country to complete their studies, they were
headed straight to the airport from
the burial ground, that might be the last
time they will see Slimmy, hence they
waved at him until he was out of their
Slimmy stood transfixed to the ground in
front of his brother’s grave..
“My brother, my blood, not a day has passed
that I didn’t remember or miss you and am
sure that’s how it will be for the rest of my
life, you will always be remembered… ”
Slimmy was still talking when he sighted
a black SUVslowly, he could bet that
something bad was about to happen but he
felt weak inside, he felt no need to run and
didn’t even have a gun with him. In a slow
motion like, the window of the SUV was
lowered down and Slimmy saw the dread
locks first before seeing his face.
“Ace” He said softly. Now he knew
something had to be done or they’ll make
him join his brother soon.
“Home Boy, say hello to ya brother for me”
Ace said as he rained gunshots on Slimmy.
Slimmy tried to run but was hit by a bullet
at right side of his stomach. He fell to the
ground and waited until the SUV was out of
sight before he dragged himself up and
struggled to his car, he entered the car,
ignited the engine but drove slowly due to
his weakness, at first he wanted to rush to
the hospital but later decided against it as
he felt no need to live again, to him there’s
nothing to live for again, he had lost it all,
he kept on driving and was losing a lot of
He hadn’t drove too far when he started
hearing a familiar song, he parked his car
and listened on to remember where he used
to hear the song, after few minutes he
remembered it was Nazaretha’s ring tone
when he first joined the Arch Angels, they
all used to make mockery of him with the
ringing tone back then, Slimmy took his gun
as he dropped down of the car and walked
towards where the song was coming from.
“The world behind me, the cross before me;
The world behind me, the cross before me;
I have decided to follow Jesus;
No turning back, no turning back.”
The choirs sang melodiously as the Pastor
asked people who wanted to give their lives
to Jesus to come forward. Few people
came out and just as the pastor was about
to start praying, he noticed someone at the
main entrance of the church, someone with
a gun in his hand and blood all over his
clothes. As soon as every other members
saw him entering the church, most of them
ran away through the other entrances. Only
the pastor stood his ground as Slimmy
struggled to get to where he was and fell to
the ground.
“Pastor, help me tell God to forgive me”
Slimmy struggled to say.
“The Lord can forgive and give you a new
life,” the pastor replied as he moved closer
to Slimmy and squatted beside where he
was lying down “Now drop that gun and take
this bible” the pastor told Slimmy
He dropped the gun and took the bible from
the pastor.
“Do you believe that Jesus Christ died for
your sins?”
“Yes,” Slimmy answered in pains.
“He was buried and he rose three days later
for your justification. Now repeat this words
after me. Oh Lord God.”
“Oh Lord God.”
“I come to you in the name of your son
Jesus Christ,” the pastor continued slowly,
allowing Slimmy to repeat as his strength
allowed. “Your word says if I believe and
confess your Lordship, I would be saved. I
believe that you died and rose for me and I
ask that you be the Lord of my life from
Slimmy repeated slowly.
“Hallelujah, you are a new creation!” The
pastor announced, then Slimmy closed his
“Pastor what’s wrong, what happened here, I
saw people running away from the church
premises” a member asked as he rushed
towards the pastor.
“Let’s rush this young man to the hospital”
the pastor ordered and they were about to
pick Slimmy up when the member saw his
“Slimmy!” Roy screamed.

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