Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 20


This is another fantastic story I enjoyed reading, it written by Ecksplizit ( 7E13115C)…. If you missed the part Nineteen yesterday read it HERE!!!

The twins were not as big as I expected, but they did
have enough life in them to be impressive. On the twins
were two small peaks of the same colour with her lips.
The islands around them were big and bumpy. I took a
peak captive in my mouth and rolled my tongue around it
while applying some pressure on it with my teeth. That
simple act made her steadied breathing increase its
After toying with the twins with my mouth, I followed a
faint trail of hair down to her navel. Over there I found a
lonely bellybutton standing its ground alone. I couldn’t
help but give it a gentle kiss. Somehow, that made her
quake a bit (although the quake could be from what my
stubborn hand was doing to her mamilla).
With my free hand pulling her closer from under her bum,
I went further down the trail I was following. I was now
at a little hill that had been recently mowed down. My
mouth brushed against the small stubs that had survived
the deforestation efforts.
I moved further south, deliberately passing the swollen
mounds that were gently overflowing and rubbed my
spiky trim moustache on her inner thigh, one after the
other. I was looking for a reaction and when I got to a
certain area, her legs jerked and I was momentarily
clamped in-between them.
At this point, both hands were used in spreading her legs
apart as I made for the centre. I introduced myself at the
gates with kisses. A hand came to assist in our new
endeavour. While I grabbed the hood of pleasure central
and squeezed them with my lips and sometimes teeth,
my fingers rolled the swollen centre. The moaning and
twisting were reactions I expected, her hands grabbing
the back of my head and pulling me further in however
wasn’t something I was ready for.
Two fingers decided to go for a swim. The pool was filled
to capacity. As my fingers reached for where my mouth
was from inside, they came in contact with a delicate
area. Each time they did, she would let out a deep groan.
So I increased the tempo in my fingers entry and exit
making sure they scratched that surface as often as
possible over prolonged periods.
I don’t know exactly how long I was handling issues over
there but not long from my start she was screaming and
then suddenly breathing heavily as if she was chased by
a dog named rex.
Speaking of dogs, junior had an idea in that direction. So
I turned her to her stomach (that girl was heavier than
she looked). She understood what was coming and
helped me position herself better although she was
weak. My gentle entry was received with little reaction. I
increased tempo almost immediately. It took a while for
her to start responding to my thrusts. She peaked soon
after her moans were audible. I think she wanted to rest,
but I don’t think she knew I wanted to hit the thirty-
minute mark I had once done.
Her moans, screams, name calling, cursing and calls to
the creator all stood against my goal. She was so
intense that I failed to reach my mark. In a mind blowing
moment I let go of my load in a final thrust and fell on
top of the bed by her side breathing as if I was asked to
chase a rabbit in the bushes. I don’t know how sleep
swept me off but I think if she had wanted to cut off my
head that night; I would have discovered it when that
part was mentioned at my judgement in the afterlife.
I woke to the sound of the shower running. I dragged
myself out of bed and decided to do some cleanup before
she came out. It was a bit disturbing to only find one
condom. I went through the entire room searching for at
least one more, but it was only one. Heck, I shook my
blanket so hard I think all the bedbugs fell out. Alas, only
one condom found in that room. The thought that maybe
she took one with her to the bathroom made me head
straight to the bathroom.


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