Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 22


This is another fantastic story I enjoyed reading, it written by Ecksplizit ( 7E13115C)…. If you missed the part Twenty One yesterday read it HERE!!!

They all came out and the boss decided to address us all
with the conclusion to their meeting. He started off by
telling us Maryann was going on unpaid leave for a
month for her act of violence with a potentially lethal
weapon (I thought that was a bit harsh). He then went on
to narrate the zero tolerance policy of the civil service to
Sekxual harassment and how he was appalled to hear that
such acts had been taking place under his nose. He went
on to say how for the last time, he was going to keep the
matter under the nose of the disciplinary board. Greg
was going to proceed on two months’ leave without pay
while his transfer back to his home state was being
That was basically the high point of the day. By closing
time, the office was evacuated in the usual manner
leaving me with Uzi and Bunmi. They were excited for
different reasons. Bunmi was going out for something
special with her boyfriend and he was coming to pick her
up while Uzi was waiting for her boyfriend to come pick
her up with her car. Apparently, the guy flew in the
previous night and needed her car so he would go around
town to handle some errands. I found it a bit funny that
the two lovely ladies in front of me most likely did not
know they were both in my bed.
After a brief ring, Bunmi left me with Uzi to go meet her
guy…the lucky bastard! As soon as I was sure she was
long gone, I asked Uzi if she was still thinking about the
prospects of us as a couple. I know it was a bit odd
asking her that when her boyfriend was on his way to
pick her up but if luck was on my side she would be
getting the keys from him and the guy would be walking
back home.
Unfortunately for me, she tried to let me down gently. I
say she tried because no matter how gently she tried…it
still hurt. In her view, she had invested a lot of time and
energy into her relationship to give it up. She also
referred to our night as a moment of weakness albeit a
pleasurably memorable one…that hurt like a bee sting on
my left nut.
I took it in good faith and changed topic. Looking for a
new topic after getting rejected is the most awkward
situation ever. All I could think of was to say thanks for
saving Greg’s job. She just smiled in an exaggerated
way that forced me to smile too. She was about to talk
about it but then her phone started ringing.
With no real motive, I decided to go down to the gate
with her. The gist was mostly trivial and she was the one
doing most of the chitchat. The guy appeared with a big
grin on his face. I tried not to be judgemental, but he was
way too old for her. I was also shocked that a Nigerian
who had been in the states for less than a year had an
accent stronger than a Hill-Billy in Texas. Still, I wasn’t
jealous. We greeted, and then he whisked her away.


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