Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 23


This is another fantastic story I enjoyed reading, it written by Ecksplizit ( 7E13115C)…. If you missed the part Twenty Two yesterday read it HERE!!!

I got home in a sober mood and made myself a banana
and pineapple milkshake. Put it in the fridge and went in
for a shower. When I got out, I sat down and thought
about my life for a bit. Pam, Tintin, Bunmi and Uzi were
wonderful ladies and were really explosive in bed. I
thought I had all I needed to get the girls to leave their
relationships but apparently I wasn’t enough. So what
was I falling short of? Maybe it was just because I was
getting involved with ladies who weren’t single. That
was most likely it. At least the first one was not exactly
my fault; I had no clue she was with someone.
After finishing about three litres of milkshake, I came to a
resolution. I was going to ask Rahina out as soon as her
behind comes back in town. She was single, smart, we
had chemistry and I had not had her in bed yet so maybe
if I was terrible in bed; she would know only a while into
our relationship if she agreed to it. With that settled, I
went to bed an hour later.
With that new focus in mind, I started looking at things
differently. It took a lot to stifle the urges I felt when I
came across Uzi or Bunmi at work. I really don’t know if
the ladies noticed or not but it really wasn’t much of my
concern. The office was filled with talk about Greg and
Maryann’s suspensions. Everyone had an opinion about
it. I found that I couldn’t actually pick a side although I
do think Maryann wasn’t too wrong. Things were picking
up so I was happy. The whole new chapter I was
beginning seemed full of possibilities.
Rahina came back after three weeks away from me. She
wanted to settle down into her own place before things
picked up at her PPA. I was glad to see her and it
seemed she was glad to see me too.
After we had painted the house and thoroughly washed
the floors, we let the house dry and get some fresh air
while we went out. My plan was to warm her heart up all
day so that my chances of getting a positive answer
would be higher. I cannot explain with words how
beautiful she looked. It made me more excited to be with
her. She was also lively and humorous. Just the air
around her made me more nervous. I liked that girl more
than I realised.


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