Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 25


This is another fantastic story I enjoyed reading, it written by Ecksplizit ( 7E13115C)…. If you missed the part Twenty Four yesterday read it HERE!!!

happily prepared a night out for the interns. They were
pleased. They spread the word about what I was
planning for them and on that day at work, the office was
swarmed with interns visiting us in a bid for invitations.
By the day’s end, my night out for four became one for
That evening, Tintin and Rahina tagged along. The
evening was lively and basically fun. By eleven, we were
all on our way back to our various destinations. I went
home alone. I also slept like a drunken baby.
Sometime later, I got a long call from Uzi. She wanted to keep me
up to date on how she was doing. After we had parted ways, she
went back to school, they went into a strike and her boyfriend
proposed to her and she was on her way to the states to go and
get married to him (I still wonder what is wrong with getting
married in Nigeria). I was curious as to why I wasn’t invited, but
she was telling me about it. Then she told me how she deeply
cherished the time we shared together and how we had a special
bond since she carried a piece of me for two months.
I was startled and stunned. Technically she confessed to me that
she aborted my kid! I drilled her as to why she didn’t tell me but
she simply said I wasn’t the type of guy she would want to spend
the rest of her life with. In summary, I was too predictable, stable,
unadventurous and my lack of exposure was going to slow me
down in life. She said it in a loving tone, but it hurt like
colonoscopy without anaesthetics. After a while, she hung up and
left me stunned. I was supposed to be getting ready to be a dad!
I sat back, relaxed and thought about everything. Was I
really predictable and unexposed? How could I fix that? A
lot of ideas came to mind, but I decided to take a trip. So
I applied for a study leave and surprisingly, it was
approved. So now I am back in school for another
masters where I can get a little more exposure; the
United Kingdom.


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