Must Read: A Teenage Love Affair…. Part 9

A story written by Atreus… If You missed Part Eight, read it HERE!!!

About two and a half hours later,the movie ended. “Some movie”,she sahd. It was a suspense-filled thriller,and she’d enjoyed every minute of it-when she wasn’t surreptitiously glancing at her boyeridnd. “Yeah. It was”,he said in reply. They talked for about half an hour or so,and then she said she had to go. “Awww. . Come on. Can’t you stay a little bit longer?”,he asked with a mock pout. “I’d love to,but i’ve been here for 3 hours,Orisha. There’s some stuff i’ve gotta do at home”. “Alright. Hey,remember how i said i’m make it up to you-having to cancel today’s date?” “Yeah . . ?” “I just thought of something. I’m gonna give you a first date to remember”,he said. “Really?” “Yeah. We’lk go out for dinner. I’ll take you to this really nice restaurant-Chez Rouge”. “Chez Rouge? Sounds classy”,she said. “Yeah. The dress code’s pretty formal-suit and tie,evening gown”. “It also sounds expensive”,she added. “It is. . But”,he hurried to add before she made any objections;”My aunt,Bj’s mom? She manages the place,so i’ll get a discount”. “Oh”,she said and continued;”Well,in that case. . . ” “We’re on. Friday night?” “Sounds great. All i have to do is get another extension of my curfew,and then we’re home free”. She stood up and went to the door,and he followed. “I’d love to escort you. . . ” “But you’ve gotta keep an eye,or more appropriately,an ear on Bj?”,she said. “Yeah”,he said with a smile,grateful she’d understood,and then continued;”There’s no reason why i can’t do this,though”. He leaned in,dipped his head and gave her one helluva kiss. Slightly disoriented,she said when they were done:”I don’t think i’ll ever get over how amazing that is”. He grinned. She opened the door and went out. “Bye”,she said. “Bye. See you Friday”,he replied.
The next day,Miria was in her room,her earpieces plugged in. She was listening to Kelly Clarkson’s ‘My life would suck without you’,a song on her rock playlist and she tried to imagine how her life would be if Orisha wasn’t in it. She couldn’t-and that scared her. She realized then that her feelings for Orisha made her vulnerable,and that-being vulnerable-was something she was terrified of. ‘I can’t change what i feel for him-even if i want to’,she thought to herself when the song ended. She truly didnt want to change what she felt for Orisha;he was a wonderful guy,and when she was with him,he made her feel so good it was almost surreal. At that point,her younger brother rushed in. “Can’t you knock?”,she yelled at him. “Sorry. . . “,he said,out of breath,and continued;”I just wanted to tell you that they’ve come”. Then he ran back out. She removed her earpieces and heard the familiar revving of her dad’s engine. Her sisters were returning from school that day,and he’d gone to pick them up from the airport. Now he was home,which meant they were home as well. She went outside to greet them. “Mimi!”,Eghosa shrieked and went to hug her. “I missed you”,she continued. “I missed you too”,Mimi replied,and she really had missed her. “What about me?”,asked Mimi’s other sister,Claire. They hugged and Claire said;”You have no idea how much i’ve missed my crazy sister”. “I’ve missed pissing you off too”,Miriam replied with a smile. “So,how was your flight?”,Miriam asked as they went inside. She carried one of their bags,their dad carried another,and Jacob,their 10-year-old brother carried the last(and smallest)one. “It was fine”,replied Eghosa. They were both in the university of Benin. They usually drove themselves to Lagos when they were coming home for the holidays,but that time was different. The Benin-Ore road had advanced from bad to worse,so they told their father that they had no intention of driving from Benin to Lag-the road was a bloody deathtrap and they couldn’t spend 8 hours on the road.

Their dad protested at first(it was the accountant in him,he couldn’t help it),but when they threatened to spend the three week holiday at the house in Benin,he sent the money to their accounts the next day. Eghosa was a year older than Claire,yet they were both in their second year,studying the same course. What happened was this;When Eghosa finished school,she wrote her Jamb with Unilag as her first choice-that was her dad’s wish(he originally wanted all his children to go to school from home). Anyway,she passed the Jamb,scored 237 actually,wrote the post-ume and scored 61. She was going for Economics;her dad’s master plan was that she’d finish her first course,go abroad for her Masters’ and then come back home to lecture so that by the age of 40 or thereabout,she’d become a proffessor and thus be assured of a fixed salary for the rest of her teaching years,and even when she retired. It was a good plan-except things didn’t work out that way. The hard truth was that Eghosa’s dad didn’t have connections,or more appropriately,he did,he just wasn’t willing to use them to get his kid into school-it’d be morally wrong,he’d say. So Eghosa spent one year at home. The next year,she persuaded him to let her do things her way. She and Claire put Uniben as their first choice(Benin was their state of origin),and both of them got in. They were now 2nd year Economics and Statistics students,they’d both gotten in without any ‘mago-mago’,they were doing wonderfully well,and their father was immensely proud of them. Back to the present,Miriam and her sisters lay on the bed in Mimi’s room,gisting. They’d started right after Eghe and Claire got in,and they hadn’t let up since. “Ja. .cob!”,yelled Eghosa. “Coming!”,he replied. About half a minute later,he poked his head in. “Be a darling and get us three bottles of smirnoff,Jacob”,Eghosa said. “It’s Jake now. Y’know,the Jakester,J-man?”,he said. “Really?”,Eghosa asked,eyebrow raised as her lips twitched in amusement. “My bad,Jakester”,she said,deciding to humor him,and continued;

To Be Continued….

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