Must Read: Accidental Baby Mama… Episode 13

He looked around as he stretched and
yawned, he had brought a girl home. His
eyes searched around as he noticed his door
was opened.
“Maybe she’s downstairs.” he thought, he
just had the best night of his life. That girl
was a dream, he recollected how they met.
She had a lot of spunk, and she was a
virgin. It made him very proud, well he had
better go downstairs to check on her.
His clothes were everywhere, like he cared.
The maid would take care of everything. He
whistled happily, maybe they could go for
another round.
He got down, and searched everywhere in
the house, “What da…” he said to himself,
did she just disappear into thin air. He
walked out to his living room, the door was
wide open. She must have left in a hurry.
“Timothy, did you see any girl go out?” he
asked, as the gateman came out.
“No… Oga yes, one girl like this, she no too
tall, em she no wear shoe, I no sabi am.” he
said scratching his bald forehead.
“So she went out.” he asked angrily.
“Yes Oga.” the man gave him a curious
At that moment, his phone rang, it was his
label producer.
“Good morning Dan, how are you today?
How was the show?” he said in a gruff
“Fine sir, the show was splendid.” he said
as he almost wished to stop the call.
“Good I’m expecting you at the studio next
week though.” he said and cut the line.
“Really? Man cannot rest oh.” he said as he
ignored the gate man and entered the
house, he had to find that girl, he needed to
find her. Why on earth would she run away,
some others would have relaxed and would
want to hang out with him.
He was in his room, sorting out his clothes.
He needed a new lay and that girl must
simply be the one, no one else.
He felt his head twirling, yeah too much
alcohol in the system was already affecting
“poo, I need to find her.” he steadied
himself as he left for the bathroom.
-to be continued-

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Updated: May 20, 2018 — 1:22 pm

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