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After Few Minutes of ExpLoration i think she cant take it anyLonger,she turn facing with her eye still shuts, the next action is shocking, she grab my lips with hers and her eye are still shut, how she manage to puLL that stunt till the very momemt am typing this story it remain a mystery to me.. Well that is one of few things that makes it stand that konji na bastard.. WeLL back to the story, i did not remember for how long the kissing lasted because its my preek that is doing the dictating that day… Its over 30minutes of numerous styles of riding she had cumm thrice while me never go self not to talk of cumming.. We decided to try the missionary style the female on top missionary.. She had not ride me for ten minutes in that position when my load build up with pace.. I signalled to her that i wiLl be cumming verysoon but she gave me the goahead to Pour in her..  I shoot my seeds into her like am firing at Boko Haram.. I collapsed afterward…  You make me feel like a woman and a peck was the last thing i remember after tania woke me up at 12:56 to go and hve my bath that food is ready..

To Be Continued…

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