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I open my eyes sluggishly as tania hit my chest slightly whispering some things that are not audible, well i dont know if its my state that cause that..   Pls i want to sleep more i said trying to close my eye and go back to my sleep, she shook me roughLy this time caLLing me Lazy boi…  Are you not the cause i fire back at her.. “UMPOR” she said that and stand to leave, that word umpor vexed me that i make to stand but fell back feeling dizzy, tania quickly rushed back to where i am, she made me to sit while she get me milk.. After emptying the cup of milk, i said thaaaaank u.. She rose to her and said “Caro don Drain” she try to run away but i stretched my hand to hit her bumm, You  that cant stand on your own you still hitting bum

To Be Continued…

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