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She disappear into the cooking room, and came back with a tray carrying a plate of yam and egg.. She place it on the bed and we  both ate the food silently, she park the plate afterward while i went to the bathroom to brush and bath..  I did not meet her in the rom when i came back from the bathroom but she drpp a note on the bed..  “I WENT OUT, GAN BE BACK BY 6”.. I PUT ON MY cloth and reach for my phone i switched it on remove it from airplane mode then i on my data, i drop the phone on the reading table i want to give the phone sometime to download those messages and notification before i start surfing i use that opputunity to check on Lincoln.. But as usual he signal to me that he is getting down, i heded back to the room having it in mind to go and ve a good time with my phone onLy to meet sheyi sitting on the bed with the shortest bum short i have ever seen.. “What are you doing here” i fire at her,  hope You remember caro owns this room she fire back..  I stood still shock with her reply

To Be Continued…

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