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I stood stiLL shock with the repLy she gave, the epic repLy caught me offguard, i swallow hard and went to the kitchen to get a satchet of water.. I came back to the room only to meet her laying on the bed comfortably, i ignore her and retire to the reading chair…  Dead Silence overthrown the room for about fifteen minutes before she resurect the dead Silence….. OLa whats wrong twisting her tongue like a snake thats is about to bite,  “Whats Wrong Like What did you mean ?” i fire back with a mean voice that echo outta the room… Pls Lower Your voice she said pleadinly..  Now you are telling to lopwer my voice but few minutes ago i was asking u a question but instead for you to reply with an answer…  U shout on me insulting me in the process…  “Am sorry if that upset you” am not angry i fire back almost immediately…  “But whats my offence” your offence like..  Did you see me with cane… I asked rheterotically, noo she reply standing up moving towards me, i tried to stand up but its too late, what she did next shook me…

To Be Continued…

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