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I tried to stand up but she close me down too soon, Pls make Love to me just this last time, “just this last time” i say after her not sure if that is what she actually said…  Yes she reply i open my mouth agape surprised, she revive me of my state as i felt a wet object on my lips, what could that ??  Shuuu its kissing we kissed for like 5minutes before my brain alert me to make things snappy.. I disengage from her then carry her to the bed.. Dont let me long things we had se.x that afternonn but its a very quick one, i wish it last more..  After the s.ex i went to the bathroom to clean my self, when i came back i meet her sleeping comfortably unclad, why are you still here ? I asked with full seriousness…  What sort of question ius that she fired back..  “If anyone comes in and meet you sleeping unclad what did you expect them to insuniate” well i dont care, all i know is we just had se.x.. Fvxk it..  I said and hit the wall with my fist, i injure my self in the process and she started lauging..  Whats funny i asked annoyed.. She was still laughing hard when we heard footsteps coming towards the room; ssshe dash into the bathroom with her clothes, the speed she embark on we beat ssspeed of light

To Be Continued…

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