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New Epiosde…   Good day, Gentle Men and Ladies..  I have two news for you..  A good one and a bad one.. The bad one first ??  No, the good first…. And the good news is I’m goan get a new phone before This Month Runs out.. Am sure you will be asking yourself, whats good or what your concerned is about me getting a new phone, the good in it is once a get a new phone that automatically cancel out short updates.. The Update we be coming daily , and not just that the update will be half a thousand words per Episode.. You Cool With that ?? Yes i guess…  Kikikiki  am happy you said yes.. Well thats not all.. Along side “Awac season 3” there are 4 other story too.. “Mafiusu” , “Corper’s Web” and “Awmbd – Adventure with my boss daughter” am sure you asking yourself what my problem is with adventure.. Dont mind jhoor.. I should have let go “AWMBD” but nah.. I wont because that was my first story online, nobody gave me a chance then.. It was Awac that change the story.. Let me not change route.. That re the four story that we be popping on all web once i get my phone.. Enough of the good news..  Now the bad news is that this very episode is gan be the last till i get a new phone..  So this we be the end of season two..  Now lets get down to biz… She drag me to bed and i follow her sheeply, Conji na bastard i sweear.. She made me to sleep facing the ceeiling..

To Be Continued…

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