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The girl: hello pls whats the time ?
Me: before looking at who is asking for time, I bin wan abuse before, but since I sight her say na small girlie I just swallow my pride..
The time is 17 minutes past 10.
The girl: but I heard the exam is starting by 9
Me: you heard or you saw? Doing that are you stupid face for her
The: I he eear ar ddd, she reply stammering. Maybe she is scared how I threw that question at her or the face.
Me: trying to be a gentle guy after realizing that my face created fear in her.. but its in your e transact print out..
The Girl: I did not know, my mum do the printing.
Ohh, I request for her printout I want to use the opportunity to check her age, phew shes just 15.. 
Green button on in my head instate, this one wont bad as school daughter na, a very bold voice tell me that, while at the same time another voice is telling me not to try rubbish, that me self that I too qualify to be someone school son, am also looking for school daughter..

And this kind thing don do me before wey I go listen to the tinny voice wey he go land me inside trouble.. I breath deeply when the girl ask if anything is wrong.. 
I been don forget say person dey with me self, I told her nothing as I return her printout.. she was about leaving the scene when I call her back..
Me: You didn’t even bother to tell me your name, or did you want me to call you big girl that doesn’t have wrist watch anytime I see you ?
The girl: no
Me: so whats your name
The girl: omotola 
Me: oh what a nice name.
I request for her number but she told me, she did not have a phone, but she collected my own number and promise to give me a call, but till this very moment am typing this episode, the foolish girl did not call,
Its after 11 that the exam coordinator arrived, in no long distance, the exam is on.. 

To Be Continued …

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