Must Read: Adventure With Aunty Caro ‘Season 3… Part 3


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Still weighing her last sentence when ifeoma came in  at first the bad boy in me want to continue the talking but I had to quickly mute him.. 
Actually what the idiot wanted to say is Bytch why cant you knock before coming in..  but thank God I quickly mute him if at all he is talking she wont hear him.. she stood still with my books in her hand it over ten minutes now that she has been standing without uttering a word..

When I cant take it any longer, I unmute the bad boy hey you have been standing for over ten minutes now without uttering a word, I just hope and pray your legs carry you a little longer, after the bad boy statement she look up with tears forming in her eye, she try to say something but words fail her..

I feel so sorry for her immediately I see tears form in her eye, I don’t know when i move closer to wipe away the tears in her eye with my palm, its okay is all I could say before bailing my book from her possession.. 
She hold my hand and Let this few words out silently, “sorry for putting you through all this mess am so sorry, don’t know what took over me.”

Me: you did not put me in any mess,
Ifeoma: I eaves drop her comment she said this before she started sobbing.

It is  okay I tried to pet her but its all in vain..  I drag her to the bed and made her sit when it seems she wont stop crying I let her be and attend to some other things, after About thirty minutes am through with what am doing now her weeping has subdue but she is still crying, why is she crying self ?
Well that is what I can Tell, because I don’t have a clue.. you said you put in mess, I said you did not, I don’t think the statement worth crying for.
I went to the bathroom to took my bath.. I came back only to see her laying on the bed peacefully, I smile showing only the upper part of my teeth, girls sha, well if what you planning is what am thinking.. Mehn kolewerk in Koker’s Voice..

I dived behind her and offer her the duvet, she accept it without uttering a word we are backing each other all you could hear is our heart beat, but I notice hers is moving faster than mine and even the sound is like all this young john produced beat, you don hear Lil kesh featuring Viktoh efejoku ?

You sabi that kind bass na so her heart they pond if to say i even get plenty money that time I for they freestyler on top the beat or make I dey write lyrics, the second day na to just enter studio, halla producer make he produce that kind beat wey ifeoma heart they produce for.. I bet it the track would have qualified to be a very good club banger, wait what am I saying self ? The track could have easily got a grammy award.

Back to the matter I dive behind her without uttering a word to her, I am doing my normal nighty routine with my phone when she turn around and move closer, she place her head on my chest.. 
Devil leave this room in Jesus name I prayed mockingly, “God forgive me”
After some minutes in that position, I don’t know when shitness and konjiful started taken over me, I drop my phone and retired to caressing her hair while she is rubbing my chest with her soft palm..
But thank God her hand is having a negative effect on me contract to what prompt her to start rubbing..  I slept off only to woke up past 7 the second day Pheww, this babe don commot sha, I said yawning.
I drag myself off the bed lazily to empty my bladder, I tuck my hand inside my boxer rubbing the head of my erected Joystick dragging my leg lazily when ifeoma came out from the kitchen With a Tray..
Good morning I let out as I quickly Eject my hand from my boxer, was expecting a reply to my greeting, but she instead did what surprise.

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To Be Continued…

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