Must Read: Adventure With Aunty Caro ‘Season 3… Part 4


A Story written by OLabep (Follow on IG & Twitter: @IamOLabep
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I drag myself off the bed lazily to empty my bladder, I tuck my hand inside my boxer rubbing the head of my erected Joystick dragging my leg lazily when ifeoma came out from the kitchen With a Tray..
Good morning I let out as I quickly Eject my hand from my boxer, was expecting a reply to my greeting, but she instead did what surprise me..

She hiss very loud and ask whats good about the morning.. you left me in pain yesterday you are here now telling me good morning, you made me feel so cheap..

I stand still in front of her looking like a moron, don’t even know if I should tell her am sorry or not..  because am not so sure am at fault for everything that happen, after all she start this shii, not like am the one that made advances towards her..
But the good boy in me advise me to tell her sorry so skip unnecessary weeping..

I move closer to her and tell her Am Sorry, she did not let me finish my word before she throw herself on me, she look straight into my eye and stay like that for few minutes, that few minutes seems like decades, I would have look away if not that I was determined to read what she have in mind through her eye..  but the harder I try to read mind the faster my heart is beating.. I summoned courage to look away when it seems that if I keep starring I wont decode anything or else lust we take over me..
At the very instant my heart whisper lust I notice a magnet or let me say force is dragging my lips towards hers.. Before the count of one to three our lips has already showing their Wrestling Skills, don’t know what took over me that I drag her to the bed, We keep kissing at a very high tempo, during the hot kissing session in heard a knock but I ignore, I think it’s the stupid boy in me that told me its just illusion of what I have in mind..  I was battling with ifeoma bumshot button when the door fling open..

To Be Continued…

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