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I went to check again before she finally went to her brother room, I locked the door behind and quickly dispose the food she prepare and I also arrange the kitchen to avoid caro’s query..  I took my bath and retire  to reading I would have love to eat first before reading but damn it, I sucks at cooking, I cant even boil water..

I marry my book for about two hours I wamted to continue but my worms cant take it any longer, I check if Lincoln is around if I fit see anything for hin side but Shiii, he is not around..

I brought my phone and dial caro number to know if she is coming home anytime soon. I dial the first time it was that stupid mtn voice robot that came up..

The mtn number you are calling is not available, I decided to play temple run on my phone, i was shocked with the scene that present itself to me after the game load the interactive page, if you are familiar with temple you should know this black trouser and blue shirt guy, he is my fav Character on the game, am a fan of black trouser too..

I picked him as my runner and start the game, I was expecting the Beast in the game to chase me.. “I don’t mean myself oh” I mean the black trouser blue shirt character.. but the beast is the one being chase by the character…  eh I open my mouth wide amazed about what I saw.. I quit the game, I am about re opening the game when a voice came through the door, You better drop that game and go and eat something.. the voice came before loading the game..  when the interactive page is loading I heard the voice again… but the stubborn boy in me ignore..
I choose my fav Blue shirt black trouser character Again, I load the game and drop my phone on the bed, I rush to the kitchen to get water, only to come back and find out the temple Run is Chasing someone that looks Like me. I quickly quit the game and drop the phone when the voice come again this time very loud, You never see Anything, I talk say make you go Eat you no Hear, you wan make all the Worm and micro organism wey dey inside you die..

I quickly reach for my wallet like this voice is real oh, i dash out of the compound walking very fast till i pull up in front of Mallam Adamu Kiosk,
Me: Malam Good afternoon
Mallam: Oga Awayu ?
Me: Am fine, give 200 bread.

He gave me the bread and money went his way too..
Now that I have food in my possession, I am taking a step per seconds, am Like five steps Away From the compound when I sight shola from afar… ypu still remember shola right ??

The babe that Lincoln had Issue with that got me into 30% of the problem am facing now, I work very fast because have been Ignoring her call her and messages.. 
I run very fast immediately I step into the compound, I locked the door from behind, I reach for milo and milk, I was devouring my food when my Ringing tone Came up, I reach for the phone to check who is calling..

To Be Continued…

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