Must Read: Adventure With Aunty Caro ‘Season 3… Part 8


A Story written by OLabep (Follow on IG & Twitter: @IamOLabep
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luckily for me the car pull up when its gets to where I am.

The Car Driver: Young man, where are you going ?
Me: town sir, I reply pointing to the front,

The man told me to get in, we drive for like 30 minutes before we started seeing buildings, we finally drive for another 30 minutes before he finally pull up in front of the compound I stay..

Before I open the door for exits the man said something,
The man: My son pls do well from all this girls, they we do you no good, and vice versa you wont add a pinch of blessing to their own life..
Me: thank you sir.
The man: and mind you the lady that help you earlier is your Future partner
Me: but sir I cant recognize her.
The man: did you know her when she help you
Me: no
The man: so you don’t need to worry about that..
I thank him sand open the car door, immediately the car and the man disappear,
That fear made me want to quickly run  inside on getting to the gate the gate was locked too, I was knocking the gate when my dream and at the same time someone is shaking me roughly.. I open my eye faintly..

Hope everything is fine ?? caro asked
Me: nothing, what happen
Caro: you have been punching the air for like two minutes now..
Me: may be it’s a dream

I tried to convince her that its nothing, but I couldn’t sleep again, just reminisning about every that happen in the dream and reality..

Now unto you, did you support the man ?/
He ask me to stay away from all the girls am attached to presntly

To Be Continued…

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