Must Read: Adventure With My Boss Daughters “AWMBD”


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Written by OLabep (Follow on IG & Twitter: @IamOLabep
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This a Fiction Story of a Very Poor boy..
A little insight about the boy. He graduated from Secondary School few weeks back.
He can’t further his education because of his poor background, his father is a farmer while his mum is a petty trader..
Since they can’t Further his education, He was sent to Lagos to Go stay With His dad uncle…

The Uncle is A semi literate too but he owns a Unisex Saloon..
let me pause here..  So sit Back And read the thrilling Adventure..

Dec 31st 2011, 6 : 12Am..
Good Morning Sir/ma I said as I enter my parent room..
They both reply in unison, and they told me to go wake my siblings for morning prayers..
After about 30 minutes we done with morning Prayer.. I was called back on my way out of the room…

I turn around not knowing what they want to say.. 
Dad: Hope You are Aware your Uncle is coming today ??
Me: my uncle ?? I ask surprise..
Dad: yes, my mother last born, he is coming for new year, and you are going with to Lagos..
Me: haa, daddy am dong fine here in lagos, Did you think its important i follow uncle to lagos ?
Dad: what sort of question is that,
Madam You better talk to your Son…  He likes it or not he is going to lagos with paul on the second of January 2012..  He said and leave the room…

My mum Move Closer and Shots some words into my head…  After Some minutes discussing with ne… I finally agree to go to Lagos

But how we i cope Without my mum, my siblings ,Abiola My Child hood friend and how i we going to farm.

To Be Continued…


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