A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

*conversation continues*
She: ehe! Eno, take him to the junior’s room, he’ll stay there, since junior isn’t around
eno: okay mummy

she took me to the room and left without saying anything. The room was beautiful and spacious. It had a reading table and chair and a big wardrobe.It also had a bathroom. I dropped my bag in the down compartment of the wardrobe and removed my system and plugged it and my phone.
changed my mind… lemme update now at once

i had a cold shower and since i didn’t have a towel, decided to stay Unclad till my body gets dry then i’ll wear my clothes. I was roaming around in the room totally Unclad, then i checked my bag to get clothes to wear. As i was doing this, the door flung open and Eno walked in and was like “hey sorry” and walked out. I was kinda embarrased but i knew that no girl ever sees my pipi and goes without tasting it. I had a new mission to give her a taste of my p.
I dressed up and went to the parlour and we all ate together on the dinning after which Eno’s mum said she was going to make her hair at the saloon and she may be spending up to one hour or two there. In my mind i was like “if you wanna spend the whole day there, you’re free  i’ve got my own lans for the day”

She left and i went to my room while eno went to hers. My room and hers was seperated by a wall. like; this is her room, the next one is mine.
I turned on my system to browse and started hearing strange moans from Eno’s room. I first thought it was from a movie so i decided to go and watch a movie with her, to enhance my plans of giving her my…

I got to her room and the moans got louder and didn’t sound like television at all but sounded like her. I peeped through the key hole and saw her legs spread with her fingers buried in her p.ssy manipulating herself. My d.ick was already getting hard and i decided that was my oppurtunity to have her.

I barged into her room and before she could pull herself together and arrange herself, i had seen her already. I quickly apologized and turned back to leave
“Ubong, wait!!” she said while trying to catch her breath
I waited and before i turned back to face her, she had already grabbed me and started kissing me passionately. I reciprocated the kiss and my hands located her oranges and squeezing and rubbing started. I located her Kitty-Cat under her skirt and started working on it. It was so wet and sweet.
I was working on her p. and sucking her Bosom intervally. We got to the bed and started digging it missionary. I could tell she was enjoying the digging as she wrapped her legs around my waist and was rubbing my back with her fingers and moaning loudly. I was thrusting slowly, then faster and faster. I decided to change positin to doggy and within five minutes we came together. We started another round of hot romance and smooching which led to two rounds of S£x again and i went to my room to clean up.

After taing my bath, i started watching a movie on my system then she walked into my room and asked if she could join me in watching the movie. I said no problem. While we were watching, we started a conversation
she: Ubong
me: yeah baby
she: am not your baby
me: okay sorry
she: see i have no remorse from what we did and i don’t regret, after all, we both enjoyed it.
me: yeah, so?
she: i dont want you to develop any feelings for me. What we just did was intimacy not love making.

To Be Continued…

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