Must Read: Adventures Of A Bad ‘OMO’ Pastor 18+… Part 38


A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

In church, two funny things happened. I dey play keyboard as usual. I told u guys am the keyboardist in my church. We had a program and a guest minister was invited. All of a sudden one guy that came invited by my drummer just came up and took over the keyboard from me and whispered into my ear “you’re trying, welldone, lemme take over from here ehn! you’re trying but your hand is not strong yet. Lemme play” i left the keyboard for him.

I left the keyboard for him but in my mind i was like “wetin dis one dey talk sef :/ … my hand no strong ke? me wey dey play keyboard enter 8 years now, dis one dey shii me say hand no strong. Nawa unto some people oo”

I went to take microphone from one of the singers and started singing.

He didn’t play up to 10mins when some members of the church started tapping me and telling me “go and collect that keyboard and play jare… da boy is playing rubbish”. I left him to embarrass himself small.

The guest speaker came up and took over the mic and started singing and this guy playing started looking for the key to the song, pressing all available keys on the keyboard then the guest speaker pointed at me and said “hello, young man come and play this keyboard for me. When I’m through, you can hand over”. I went and took over the keyboard and the guy stepped down and within 10secs i found the key of the song he was singing cos i’m very good at finding keys. I have a trick i use to find key easily 

while the song was going on, another interesting thing happened. The guest speaker started seeing vision and calling people out to prophesy for them. All of a sudden, he called me out and was like
pastor: are u a member of this church?
me: yessa
pastor: since when
me: since i was born 
pastor: i saw you preaching and prophesying to a large crowd
me: okay
pastor: yes… i saw it clearly, you’ll be a great prophet in your time
me & the whole church: Amen!!!

In my mind, i was like “me prophet? me wey dey chuk di.k for any open hole, prophet hmmm… wey i still fu.k babe yesterday, prophet…. okay oo… he finished his prophesy and i went back to my seat. I was still thinking of the prophecy. someone like me, prophet? bad boy like me. I laugh tire dat day and afta church ppl started teasing me dat prophet, pray for me, and all that… lol  i still laugh wenever i remember that prophecy and im still waiting for fulfilment ooo… cos i neva see vision for one day… lol…
After that prophecy, i started feeling bad about all the f**king that av been doing. Maybe God has something for me but I’m pushing him far away through my f**king around. Maybe I should change… no I’ve not even tasted Tiwa’s honeypot which i dream of tasting one day, even Moyo sef, I still gats hammer that one kitty-cat sef. “No, when the time fully comes I’ll repent and start my ministry”. That was what i concluded in my mind.

Throughout service, Eno was just staring at me somehow from where she sat but i couldn’t look in her eyes, i suppose i felt guilty for what i had done with her the day before. After church, everyone was going around greeting themselves while me and the drummer were entertaining them with a good jazz solo. Eno came up to where i was playing and greeted me sef and it didn’t even show on her face like anything happened between us. I was just like “this girl na actress oo..”.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:49 am

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