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Must Read: Adventures Of A Bad ‘OMO’ Pastor 18+… Part 40


A Story Written by Umoren Elisha (Hfinest1)

Tiwa was so in love with me, she could do anything for me. It was while dating her, i knew that when a woman loves, she loves for real.

While we were relaxing and gisting, she started playing with my one of my hands and i was playing with her hair with the other hand.
Tiwa: Victor, do you really love me?
me: of course, i do, from my heart. Why do you ask?
Tiwa: cos i’ve been coming to your hostel almost every weekend and you never even care to show your love for me physically
me: how do you mean?
Tiwa: i mean s.ex! you’ve never had s.ex with me before or even smooch me at least.
me: *smilling* oh, you see, the love i have for you, superseeds s.ex! I love you so much, i don’t know how you’ll feel if i tried to have se.x with you and i dont want anything coming between us
Tiwa: no, don’t say that. I want you Victor, I want to feel the real you. We’re alone now in the room. Lets have s.ex now
She started kissing me and i responded, kissing her back and before 1+1=2, we were both unclad.
we became entangled in the aura of love making. All that was heard was clapping noise and low moans. We had up to T rounds and after the sexperience, she started telling me how much she loves me and care for me, bla bla bla. After we rested, i took her out for lunch and got her some gifts before she went home. i went back to my hostel and saw Daniel, my friend on my bed
Daniel: guy dis ur bed dey smell of juice and Pour
me: ehn! so,
Daniel: Tiwa abi Tope
me: Tope dey come for weekend? na Tiwa na
Wale: no p, when you reach heaven, tell angel say your papa na pastor when you dey earth, make him allow you enter heaven, you go know
me: okay
Daniel: pator Walex, na God go come down himself come pick you go heaven
me: na so nau, dis one na staff of heaven
Wale: na una sabi *walks out*
Daniel: no mind dat guy, go dey form pastor
me: make him no enjoy himself now wey him young, na him type go dey do sugar daddy is he don old
Daniel: na so nau, him no taste fresh p now, him go wan taste am if he don old.
Part-time exams was fast approaching and students became more serious than ever. Students who didn’t have library cards, started registering for it and those who had expired lib. cards did renewal. Library became the hostel of most students, even students that i never saw with book started reading unending. School sweet, na exam spoil am.

I had to take a break from all the activities and drew closer to God as others were doing. Fellowshipd started becoming filled up with students.

To Be Continued…

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